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Volume 19 Number 9 September 2017
Page 9

That’s Just Your Interpretation

Ernest S. Underwood

Ernest S. UnderwoodIf you have ever discussed the Bible with anyone who disagrees with you, chances are sooner or later you have heard the reply, “That’s just your interpretation!” To hear some people, you would think that reading and trying to understand, that is, interpret, the Bible is the “unpardonable sin.”

Interpreting is acceptable in all areas of life—except in religion. In religion, it is a catch phrase, used by the unknowing, to suggest that one’s religious belief might just be wrong. Every time we read a newspaper, a magazine or some other document, we interpret it. The issue is not one of interpretation, but one of application.

Many today believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, but they refuse to properly apply His commandments to their lives, such as the commandment to “believe and be baptized” to be saved. How do you respond to the plain teachings of God’s Word?

Marks of Strong Fellowship

Those professing a commitment to Christianity will doubtlessly express a singular voice as we discuss the need and the value of strong fellowship within the boundaries of the divine kingdom. We ask, do we recognize what generates and evidences the oneness and unity that constitutes divinely approved fellowship? Here are some biblical things that come to mind: [1] the gracious efforts of the strong to bear the weaknesses of the weak (Romans 15:1-3), [2] members being good students of the Word of God (Romans 15:4), [3] everyone working for harmony (Romans 15:5-6), [4] everyone accepting one another without discrimination (Romans 15:7-12) and [5] everyone being filled by the God of hope (Romans 15:13).

Quality fellowship among faithful children of God is truly a wonderful blessing. The qualities that characterize divine fellowship truly deserve our diligence in attaining and our utmost care in preserving them. As we travel the uncertain road of life, may we so conduct ourselves that others will not doubt our commitment to quality and biblically approved fellowship with others who are genuinely approved by the Lord. This is eternally important.

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