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Volume 19 Number 7 July 2017
Page 11

Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

Ronald D. Reeves

Ronald D. ReevesSome folks are known as story tellers. The stories told may be interesting to some while boring to others. They may be humorous or perhaps rather serious. Such stories may be political or religious while they also may avoid these subject matters. The stories told may illustrate good moral principles of right and wrong for the general benefit of humanity. The story of the Good Samaritan is one such story (Luke 10:25-37). This well-known biblical story illustrates that we have a responsibility to others in their times of need. Though the Samaritans were of pagan stock, were cursed publicly in the synagogue, were rejected as Jewish proselytes, with the Jews praying that they have no part in the resurrection of life, this Samaritan assisted beyond measure the Jewish stranger. He extended a caring heart to the very ones who seemed to despise him greatly. He truly is our example of being a neighbor to those about us. May we so order our lives that we have the courage and aptitude to love the unlovely and to make a lasting impact in our community. May we make it more common to be involved in the daily lives of those about us. Lives may be changed by so doing!

Pulling on Both Oars

Brett Petrillo

An old Scotsman operated a small rowboat for transporting passengers. One day a passenger noticed that the old man had carved on one oar the word, “Faith,” and on the other oar, “Works.” Curious, the Scotsman asked the meaning. The old man replied, “I’ll show you.” He dropped the “Faith” oar and pulled the “Works” oar. The boat went around in circles. Then, he dropped that oar and pulled the “Faith” oar. The little boat went in circles the opposite direction. After the demonstration, the old man picked up “Faith” and “Works,” and he began pulling both oars together. The boat sped swiftly over the water.

The old man explained, “You see, that is the way it is the Christian life. Dead works without faith are useless, and faith without works is dead also, getting you nowhere. However, faith and works pulling together make for safety, progress and blessing (James 2:14-26)."

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