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Dear brother Louis Rushmore, Happy Lord’s Day! I am a Christian in Saudi Arabia. I am with my family in this Muslim country. We worship God in spirit and in truth, doing service to Him every first day of the week, together with about two dozens of believers. … By the way, we had downloaded and/or copied many of the articles which you and sister Bonnie had/have written. We learned a lot from your research and study. (I had used sister Bonnie’s lessons especially for the women during our Ladies’ Classes every Thursday evening.) God bless both your life.  We love you and salute you with a holy kiss. Lovingly in Christ, sister Christine & brother Jonathan

Thanks for your regularly sending online gospel journal. I use it for spiritual bread. In Christ, Jay (Myanmar)

Dear Brother, Thanks for GG Online. Prabhu (India)

Dear Mr Rushmore, Greetings to you Sir. I appreciate receiving a past issue of the Gospel Gazette articles. Femi Temilola (Nigeria)

I appreciate all your good work. The Gospel Gazette is an excellent resource. God Bless, Mark N. posey (USA)

Hello Beloved,I hope you are well and doing fine in Jesus name. Thanks so much for your mails. I always enjoyed reading them, and my soul and many others are always bleesed. Thanks.God Bless you and the ministry. Yours in Him; Rev. S E Yambasu (Sierra Leone)

I also want to commend your EXCELLENT article regarding dancing in the current issue of GGO.  We certainly need such truths especially in the day in which we live.  May numerous parents and teens read and mediatate upon the truths you have written. Rodney Nulph (USA)

I know I don’t usually say much about GGO, but I have to tell you something. When Dawn thinks that one of my sermons is exceptionally good, she shields her eyes with her hand as if looking for a baseball homered out of the park. Figuratively speaking, the ball from your article on dancing has yet to land. Great Job. In Him, Mark Weaver (USA)

Brother Rush, The Gospel Gazette is a great work and you are doing a good job.  God bless!  George Merritt (USA)

That is great . . . BAGULO HUSEIN (Ghana)

Excellent and informative material. Thanks for sending. Al Wallace (USA)

Brother Louis, I continue to enjoy the Gazette.  Ernest Underwood (USA)

. . . here's hoping that only good comes from the historic issue of TheGospel Gazzette.  God bless. Robert Rawson (USA)

The wealth of Gospel material is very noteworthy. Don Fox (USA)

Thanks for all the good work you do with the GG. Mark McWhorter (USA)

Congratulations on completing twelve years of the Gospel Gazette Online.  I appreciate receiving and reading through each issue. It has been an honor to notice that you have picked up one of my articles from time to time. May God continue to bless you in the great work you do for Him.  Jeff Jenkins (USA)

i very thankful to you for sending  your magazine . . . we are praying for you PADMA JYOTHI KUSUMA (India)

Dear brother, Thanks for the good articles. I enjoyed reading them and going to use in my sermons. Philip (Myanmar)

Kepp on kepin on. Ed Deckard (USA)

Thanks for this resource! Kay Banta (USA)

Thank you for your "Labor of Love" especially in this economic time. A Sister in Christ, Stephanie (USA)

Hi! A friend of mine in America put me onto your website. I should be delighted to receive your newsletter. God bless you all! Keith Thorp

Thank you for your help.  We took up the question/s in our Bible class last Thursday.  The response you sent was very useful.  Both the members of the Lord's church and the visitors learned valuable lessons.  May God bless you and your loved ones with good health and joy to continue serving Him in His vineyard. For God's glory, brother Jonathan (Saudi Arabia)

God bless you, Bonnie, and the work that you do.  May the Lord continue to bless the work that you do for Christ's kingdom. Love in Christ, Terry Dow (USA)

Hello sir i think even you may not know what GOD is using you to do, we know. i live in one of the most thickest part in the west Africa coast of the NIGERIA \benin border the nearest town to us is 23 miles by walking, i visited a friend, an evangelist like myself and he showed me your web, am surprised i can use more than 4 hours reading on the internet, i printout a lot of topics that have being controversial in the villages like  AUTHORITY IN RELIGION and on geting back to the village i translated it to our 4 local dialet and come and see the wonders, please i beg u in the name of our lord surscride me too your members, i dont mind walking throuth the 23 miles 3 times a week to check my mail. EMMANUEL DAMMY COKER

Brother Coker subsequently wrote: SIR We are happy to receive from you, am particularly happy that you reply my mail, i would print it out and keep it forEVER because we wonder how you someone who the whole world know could reply we common villagers letter. we are happy and we pray that as you continue to show the ligth of truth to people the Lord will continue to bless you. I replied: Dear brother Coker, In the spirit of Abraham, “we be brethren” (Genesis 13:8). It is so with the two of us that we are brothers in Adam through creation and procreation as well as brothers in Christ. Both our souls and the souls of all others in the world are of equal value (Matthew 16:26). I am no more important than you or anyone else. You and I are partners in taking the Gospel of Christ to Christians and non-Christians. I admire you very much. In Christian love, Louis Rushmore

I'd like to use a couple of articles in our bulletin here in pittsfield. I don't know hoe to get in touch with the authers. Clermont, a church of Christ in Pittsfield Maine.

This is great...thanks Louis! Jeff Archey

Hi Brother Louis: Hi brother you work “ Beverage Alcohol” is an outstanding masterpiece ever written on this treatise. I got your copy yesterday, I read it, and I am about to complete. I tell you, I am very impressed with a profound scholarship contained in it. Mduduzi Sibeko, Barcelona Church of Christ, South Africa

Thanks for everything. ~ Luciano Justina Narerua
I very much enjoyed your article Come Meet Jesus Christ as Pre-Incarnate God. Best wishes, Paul Leigh

Hello brother and sister Rushmore: Just checked my email and "wow"...what an attention grabber.  Table of Contents for May edition right on your email.  Great idea! I appreciate your use of my "meager efforts".  Thank You! Your servant,  Donald R. Fox www.essaysbyfox.org

Louis....I really enjoyed reading your article on baptism...well researched, well presented...I learned a lot...I had been "leaning" toward some of the points you brought out, and now they are a lot clearer...and best of all, I don't have to pester you with a thousand questions on this subject, because you have already addressed it...I hope you are doing well...tell Bonnie and Betty that we said "hello"...and keep up your wonderful service ...you have our love and respect.... Ray Weddington

PLEASE SEND ME A FREE SUBSCRIPTION. My friend and brother Don Green has shown me this publication. THANKS SO MUCH for your fine work. ~ Keith Shepherd

I am glad you brought this up ["Things" https://www.gospelgazette.com/gazette/2010/may/page2.html] because I was going to ask Gospel Gazette to comment on Possessions. I heard a preacher say recently that the congregation “must not expect him to apologise for the blessings that God gives him”. I became suspicious of these few words because there are things that are necessary, if I can use that word, but they come in various grades and quality. Who is to say for example that a dress from one of the top designers is more functional than a dress from Target. I became suspicious this is along the same lines that Fred Price and associates are pushing; I heard him say one night that he found a certain scripture when he got his first Rolls Royce. About two weeks ago I heard another preacher trying to justify his wealth saying that he worked for it and that his (Fred’s) Rolls is just a means of getting from A to B. Thus I became suspicious that this preacher may be setting up the congregation to ok with his ‘future wealth’ which he knows he may come by. This is only speculation, but I need someone to straighten me out with this because I keep remembering “Foxes have holes and birds in the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”. ~ Anstey Jeremiah
Dear brother in Christ, Thank you for your lessons of Gospel gazette.I have had  seen your  all of issue. It is very very valuable for the Bible study. May God bless you and your respective family, Thank you Yours in His Kingdom ~ Peter, Mandalay, Myanmar

Dear Br Rushmore. Thank you for the good work you are doing. I am a preacher  in the church of Christ in Mozambique. The site is very interesting. We are getting some good lessons from it. Tks a lot Keep in touch ~ luciano justina narerua

Rushmore, You are worthy to recommend out of what you are doing to lead souls to Christ. Charles and Judith Phiri

Rushmore, You are a Blessing and keep up your good works and verver give up feeding from Christ' Hand.Our Prayer is to see that you are holding on to that good work.You are preaching to many souls which you have never met. Charles and Judith Phiri

Louis, I certainly enjoy reading the publication. Thanks. ~ Northside Church of Christ

I would like to receive the monthly publication.  I enjoy your website very much. ~ Nancy DeLong, North Richland Hills, TX

I do appreciate your work in Beverage Alcohol, it is fantastic and i have been benefitted by it greatly.  Thank You for all your work in the Kingdom. Numbers 6:24-26, Will Anderson

I believe that you've done an outstanding job with the book [No Hermeneutical Gymnastics, Please!]. It is needed. You have written it in such a way that many can understand it.  I appreciate so much your work. Keep up the good that you are doing. May God bless you in all your labors. Brotherly, Eddie Cooper
My name is Yolanda Zollar Guidry I am a saint in the body of Christ in Crowley, La. I received your book, and was real impressed with it's content. I come from an alcoholic family and know of many that this book could help that I would like to send to...Have a Joyful Abundant Life daily in Christ Jesus. Agape Love, saint Yolanda Zollar Guidry. You are Loved!

Dear brother, I am very thankful for your articles,etc. this article .."in the image of God" is often talked about, wondered about... everytime I can, I direct others to look at your web site, your "archives" for answers to question that they may have. thank you, Jack Phillips, Luck, Wisconsin

Thanks for all the good you do. ~ Mark McWhorter
Good afternoon beloved, How are you doing? i hope very well and doing fine by Gods grace. Thank you very much for your January 2010 Mail. As I told you earlier, I haven been always blessed by your mails including every one reading with me. Thanks so much. May the Almighty God always continue to bless you in the Ministry in Jesus name. Yours in Him, Rev.S.E.Yambasu
I would enjoy reading your online news letter.  I’m a member of the Skyline church of Christ in Tupelo, MS.  Best Regards, Darnell Carnathan

Dear Brother Louis, Thanks for Gospel Gazette, December 2009. God bless your efforts. In Him, Prabhu Doss

Louis Rushmore, Good to hear of what you are doing for the Lord,you are an encouragement to us. Keep Bleesed, Charles Phiri

Rouis Rushmore, Keep up your good work and keep walking with God all the days of your life.Inform your wife that she is one of the least who are blessed to have such a husband and a Godly Preacher. Charles Phiri from Zambia, Central Africa

Hello Louis and Bonnie: I bet you two are just a wee bit tired and happy to be back home. I appreciate your many works in the Kingdom of our Lord, God Bless your efforts. October issue looks great.  I appreciate your using my essays.  As always, feel free to use any of my material and also edit when needed. Your brother, friend and servant, Don Fox

louis, i have read several of the articles in this issue. It is an excellent issue. Thanks for your efforts. I pray your mission trip was good. ~ Ken Gardner
Hello Beloved, thank you very much for your always thinking of me.Indeed, these materials have always been a very big blessings in my life and even those who are also always reading with me. Again Thank you and God always bless you in Jesus Name. I wish you safe traveling and returns in Jesus Name. Yours in Him, Yambasu

Dear Rushmore’s, I enjoy your work. I have begun a website. You are listed in my links which are few at this time. It is called Gospel Goad. Best to you. Herb Carnagey

Louis Rushmore, You are doing a great work in your Gospel Gazette.I joy reading them for more knowladge in the Scriptures.Iam attending a Church Planting Workshop in Rwanda East Africa.Three nights in the Bus and will be in Zambia late next week. Keep up your good works, Charles Phiri

Brother Rushmore, I thoroughly enjoy the web site that you provide.  I attend a small congregation in Chattchoochee, Florida.  We are trying to repair our building due to a leaky roof.  I don't have my class room at this time.  We have 10 regular members. I like to teach and I like using your lesson material to teach with.  If I have a  younger student I just gear it down.  You have some good books I would like to purchuse but I don't have the funds at this time. Maybe later. Thank you for providing good lessons. In Christian Love , Linda Bateman

Yours is a great online publication. I really enjoyed Mike Benson’s article “Brace for Impact” recently. Keep up the great work. ~ George Merritt

Bro. Louis, Enjoyed your article in the Gazzette in the Q & A page Re: Abraham and God's Promise. Thoughtful, concise and truthful. Thanks; will use this pretty soon. Again, thanks for all you do. Have a fine day! 3rd Jno. 2, Robert Rawson

Beloved, thank you for the new Release for the month of February 2009. Yes indeed, I believe all who will receive it will be bless. As you continue bless every day, may the Lord Almighty always increase your life in the Ministry in Jesus name. Your in Him. Rev. S.E. Yambasu

Thank you for your online journal. I got it and reading. I got many lessons for your the last issue for Dec 2008. Now I'm reading Journal for Jan 2009 issue. Blessings, Jay Ahti

My dear beloved, thank you very much for your concern of my spiritual growth. May our good God always continue bless you in this ministry. Please beloved in the Lord,always continue to remember me in your prayers for Gods provision and strength for me to continue serving Him faithfully. Again, thanks. Yours in HIM. Rev. S.E. Yambasu

Good Job Brother Rushmore! Keep seeking and saving the lost! ~ Ferman Carpenter

Dear Louis Rushmore, Thanks alot for the updates on the Gospel Gazette. May God bless you richly. Sincerely yours, Femi Temilola

Thank you very much for your on line of GGO ( December 2008 issue). It's so good for me. I will read. It's bread for my spiritual life. In Christ, Jay Ahti

The Gospel Gazette Online is an excellent and good looking web site. Your brother and servant, Don Fox

I found your site by accident. I typed in "James brother of Jesus" in Google and the  Gospel Gazette came up.   Have a great day. May God bless. ~  Danny Butler
The articles on the gospelgazette web are very educative and aspire growth in a person. Thanks sons of God. ~ Hellen Chikurungeni

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article “Truth about speaking in tongues” [https://www.gospelgazette.com/gazette/2004/jul/page2.htm]. I have been talking about this to some pentecostal friends of mine, who absolutely claim that one “must speak in tongues to be saved”. With other words, I’m doomed. While I never believed that, it has been gnawing on me. It shouldn’t have, but it did. I have done research on this, but nothing has been as satisfying as your article. I finally feel completely free of this burden. Thank you so much! ~ Asti Hoover

Have a good day and I look forward to reading more of the other articles. In Christ, Rod Piner

The one [article] about forgiveness is particularly needed. People suing each other for a $100 ! Parents suing children for small amounts also. Paul Mobley

We are praying for your move and new work. I know God will use you to accomplish good things in this new area of ministry and that you and your wife will be a great blessing to His kingdom. Robert Johnson

Louis -I was looking thru some of the most recent Table of Contents of the site and my attention was drawn to the articles “Obedience of Faith” and “I Hope That God Isn’t Too Picky” by Robert Johnson. These issues have come up recently in my studies with the sisters here and I will be referecing these articles in the classes that I teach. Please let him know I found both articles to be the “right-between-the-eyes” truth as God has revealed His truth to us! Because of Him, Marilyn

We really enjoy the www.gospelgazette.com website a lot and are very thankful for your and everyone else's contribution to it. May God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Steven and Karen Wyatt, Newberry , SC

Dear Brother Rushmore, I wish to thank you for the most excellent article in the October 10, 2007 issue of the Gospel Gazette concerning Deuteronomy 14:26 . I am so glad I found your page and the information and scholarship contained therein. I preach for a small congregation in SW Oklahoma , and have difficulty attaining the depth of study presented in this article. However, I am grateful to the Lord for men such as you who can analyze, address and apply such information in an understanding and informative manner. May God bless your work. For the King, Rodger Schwenn, Minister, Sullivan Village Church of Christ

Dear Louis, I just wanted to thank you so much for the Gospel Gazette website. I have used it so many times for my own personal studies and have passed the website on for others to use. Thank you for your diligent Bible study and your soundness in the scriptures. Yours in Christ, Tammy Barrett

I am enjoying your website! Keep up the good work. Dan Mayer

Alcohol abstinence and temperance is still something that we feel strongly about, and your publication is a helpful tool in educating people honestly about how harmful alcohol really is. God bless you for your good work. Mike Hein, Administrator, Christian Civic League of Maine

I am interested to received the gospel gazette online. Thank you. David T. Quidem, pangasinan, philippines

...we wish you much success in your new location. If you are ever in this area, please drop by for a visit. Holly Pond church of Christ , Holly Pond, Al

I pray the good Lord to bless your endeavour in the vineyard. Yours in the vineyard, Enamekere

I am truly blessed and challenged by the messages I receive. God bless you and may HE continue to use you to reach many. ~ Mumbi Muriuki

I teach here at Faulkner University and would be grateful for ten copies of “Beverage Alcohol” to give to my preacher students. …Thank you very much. Our young men need to read a book on this topic. ~ Martel Pace

I appreciate what you and your wife are doing. Ken Golson

Thanks for all that you do. I am sure that being a web site hoster you get plenty of negative comments but rare positive. Be assured that what you do is appreciated. Mark McWhorter

The article you wrote on CHRISTs pre-existance was really really good. I passed it around…Thanks, Ken Golson [https://www.gospelgazette.com/gazette/2006/jun/page2.htm]

Re: Beverage Alcohol. Brother Rushmore, We have about 11 adults in our congregation and 3 teenagers. I would like to place at order for each one. Please let me know how to order and the cost of shipping. I have one that I have been reading that you sent me and I think it is a great book. There was an argument recently on drinking for medical reasons and it is still unresolved (but on friendly terms). I think it is wonderful that you are passing these books out to fight against such a serious sin. Thank You. Linda Bateman

Dear brother Rushmore, I really enjoy the Gospel Gazette on the internet. Keep up the good work. In Christian love, Marcus Morris

Brother Rushmore, Thank you so much. May God bless the work at GGO. In Christ, Kevin Berry

May God bless you and Bonnie and guide you in your new endeavors. Maxine Collins

Dear brother Louis, …My prayers are for your continued success in the good works you and your wife are doing. Sincerely, Albert Farley (Editor of West Virginia Christian)
Dear Brother in christ, Greetings to you. I am Jayaraj.E, working as a Gosple preacher in mIryalguda, Nalgonda District, A P, India. Thank you for your grete work on Internet. your article are abide with Gods word. I appreciate your efforts and hard work for the spreading of His kingdom. keep up good work. Thanking you... Yours in His work, E. Jayaraj, Miryalguda church of christ, India
Thanks for all that you do...Also your new website design looks great! ~ Harold Bigham
I enjoy your paper and can use it in my children's class. ~ Linda Bateman
Dear brother Louis, I thought the latest issue of GGO was outstanding. Brother West is an excellent writer. Your wife's article was rich. I am still reading your lengthy article on Masonry. It is an excellent resource on this subject. May God continue to bless you and sister Rushmore. Brotherly, Raymond Elliott
Many thanks for the article on Freemasonry. We had found some other things (not on the web) about this. This is well written and we will pass it on to others who do not have computers. We also tell others your web address. This needed to be where the church can get it anytime because it has been a big problem in the Lord's church here in IL. We appreciate this and thanks again. In HIS service Carl & Reva McIntyre
I appreciate your work. Ernest Underwood
I am a 27 year old mother of three and a member of a church. I recently read an article that you wrote about the speaking of tongues. I would like to say shame on you. I have been raised in the church my whole life and never in my wildest dreams did I think there was someone who also believes in God would say what you did. I have sat beside by grandmother while she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I can tell you my grandmother was not "acting" like you think. I am sure you must have gone to the wrong place to feel the hand of God. I try not to judge people but I felt compelled to write you after reading your article. I will pray for you and your family and those you preach to that one day you will feel the Spirit of the Lord on you. If you haven't felt the lord yet then sadly you have not opened your heart to him. Good Luck and God bless. Sherry Luffman [Sadly, many people ‘open their hearts or minds’ to the imaginations of men before opening God’s Word. Subjective experience never trumps objective instruction in God’s Word for a true Bible believer. ~ Editor]
I will let others know of your site. May the Lord bless your ministry continually, Roger & Judy Brown
LOUIS: I want to take this chance to thank you for your monthly Gospel Gazette articles….Thank you again for all your hard work in literary articles. Your Christian Brother, Ron Reynolds
I would like to have a copy of Beverage Alcohol. I want to thank you for your sermon outlines book, I have used them many times. They are the most in-depth outlines I've found. Thank you very much. Brotherly, Bill Green
Hello Bonnie, It’s nice to hear from you. I’ve been on your website a time or two and know that you are doing a great job. …Thanks so much for being a reader and for all the good you are contributing through your work! Yours in Christ, Janie Craun, editor Christian Woman magazine
This is Kevin Pendergrass. I am from the East Tenn School of Preaching and Missions. I have been reading through your book on Alcohol. I am preaching right now at a congregation in Athens, Tn as well as going to school. This would be a great subject to teach and I would like to use your book.
Greetings bro. Rushmore, Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate The Gospel Gazette. It is a tremendous blessing to me as a minister & student of the Word. Please send the free business cards to me as I will be more than happy to help promote your good publication. Thank you & God bless! Sincerely, Darryl K. Harrison

Hello my dear brother Louis, I have been away most of the past 2 weeks and have just now pulled up the GG and seen this month’s issue. It is with deep emotions and sincere appreciation I say to you from the depths of my heart, ‘thank you’. You are so kind and considerate and I thank God for men like you who have devoted their lives in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. I continue to inform brethren of your good work in the publishing of your books and the Gospel Gazette. While in a gospel meeting recently I gave your book, BEVERAGE ALCOHOL to the local preacher and he was most happy to receive it. In fact, he had been dealing with this problem and he was glad to have additional material to use in his study. If we should never meet in this life, by God’s Infinite Grace, we shall meet in eternity in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your friend and brother in Jesus, Raymond Elliot

Dear brother Rushmore;  I commend you for your recognition and honoring of brother Raymond Elliott. I, like you, have never met him personally but have corresponded with him for years, have a number of his writings on my websites and have used a number of them in my weekly ezine. To me, he is the epitome of a Christian. I would love to meet him and his wife, and I know that one day I will, even if not here on this earth.  In Christ, Joel Hendon
I was searching for jacob's well message..your site was very much a blessing..[more biblical quoting verses everywhere..(awesome..Praise the Lord..)..I Thank God for you. Lovingly Samuel INDIA
Dear brother,  I trust God is blessing you, your family and your work.  Thanks for your contributions to the kingdom of heaven.  I appreciate your archives...they came in handy recently while doing some study on a particular topic. keep keeping on, Tim Childs
I have been familiar with your good work with the Gospel Gazette for some time, and wish you the best as you continue to labor in the Lord's kingdom. Brotherly, Brandon Renfroe

Please send to me via e-mail your 5 book on Preaching the Whole Gospel. These are great books and I am using them a lot to prepare my sermons. Thanks again for all the great work you are doing. For the Master, Jack Wheeler

Thanks so very much. I am using your sermons a great deal. They are really scripturally sound. Keep up the great work. For preaching sound doctrine, Jack Wheeler

Louis, Greetings from Nashville! I hope all is well with you all. I appreciate you all thinking of us and sending Bonnie's article my way. We will do our best to get it into March or April's issue of Think. I appreciate you all and all you continue to do! Sincerely, Brad Harrub

Brother Rushmore, Thank you for your prompt permission to reprint articles from your Gospel Gazette Online. ~ David M. Parsley

This guy is a friend of mine A good man ~ preaches at the church in Cameron WV His stuff is a good reference / foundation for you ~ Bill Stewart

Thanks! I have greatly enjoyed Vols. 1,2 and have used some of them in my lessons. I appreciate your willingness to share your material. Thanks again and may the Lord bless your efforts, Harold Bigham

God Bless you, I,m a cristians from Panama, I m 37 years old, I m working with preacher, I like study with your web links, Im studies Englis too. Salutations And blees you all.  sumaykira  mootoo

Louis, Many thanks for so expeditious a reply...and good to hear. I sometimes fear that I trust my instincts too much but they rarely fail me. I have no reservation about you and that's a good feeling. Sadly, the same is not true of many of my brethren. I love them but I don't place much faith in some of them. Yours is a labor in the vineyard for the duration. ...Good luck with the publishing. Someone, somewhere shall derive benefit after we are gone if only such items are kept available. "He being dead yet speaketh." Fred D. Whitelaw

I am writing to let you know that I am 59 years old and going to college. I am with your help going to use your article to talk about the changing roles of men and women. I know that God has set rules that govern our houses, but like you I too am glad I can and do vote whenever it is time. I have to do a journal for my reading class on the changing roles of men and women. I also want to show that there is still a God in this world and we must respect Him. This will not be the first journal I have brought up the name of Jesus or of God in. I wish to thank you for letting me use your message to show how man and woman's roles have not changed in the world. That woman must let man lead us to God and Heaven. Thank you, June M. Courtemanche

I'm excited and happy in receiving the "Gosel Gazette". Thank you. Brother in Christ, Ron Reynolds


Thanks for all the good work you have done and are doing. Brotherly, Raymond Elliott

Bro. Rushmore - I am currently teaching in our ladiesbible class...I "foundyour article on the June 2000 site entitled "Adam's Infamous Giftand in the first two sentences you state so eloquently what I was struggling to explain to them in the latter half of the class! Thank you so much! You and Bonnie are doing an excellent work and I'm so thankful to have a small part in it! Love in Christ, Marilyn

Greetings brother Rushmore: Keep up the good work and us in your prayers, we are struggling to stay alive here. Yours for Christ work, Wesley Snyder

I happened to run across your publication on the internet and would like to receive it. I have been preaching the gospel for almost 60 years, and was impressed with what I saw in the issue I saw. Thanks for making this availabe. Jim Lundy

I want to thank you for your internet site.  We have a small congregation of about 20 here in southern Idaho. So thank you . In Christian Love. Debbie kelso

Louis, Thanks for the effort in the Gospel Gazette. I have a link to it on my webpage, God bless. Robert Johnson, Minister Longview church of Christ Longview, TX

Brother Rushmore: I enjoy receiving the GGO and reviewing the material. Also we would like for you to consider exchanging web links with us, we need to reach as many souls as possible. In His service, Wesley Snyder

Dear Bro. Rushmore, Someone just sent me a link to the Gospel Gazette Online because there was an article in the March 2005 issue called "Glimpses of Glory" that I had originally written for the Christian Bible Teacher. I didn't even know that any of my articles were on "the Web." It was quite exciting to see it, and later to read your Guest Book and see that it was read by people all over the world! Thank-you very much for including my work in your publication. If you would like other articles, I would be glad to send some to you. God bless you. With Christian love, Tami Coble Brown 

Hello Brethren,I am Bro.Kingsley Odogwu,a Student Preacher of South West School Of Evangelism Box35606 Agodi,Ibadan 200001,Oyo State,Nigeria,West Africa.I visited your Website and developed interst on the wonderfull work you People are doing for the sake of propagating this Gospel to the whole World.So,I am saying,may the Almighty God continue to see you through in all that you are doing over there.Moreover,I wish to subscribe to your Monthly. Yours In The Service Bro.Kingsley Odogwu.

May God continue to bless you in your fine work. I find your articles very edifying, and most importantly truthful in accordance with God's word. I appreciate the fact that you address many of the controversial issues of our day that many other brethren no longer address. I'm sure this work is very difficult and time-consuming at times, but the Lord will bless you in your efforts, "forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not vain in the Lord". Sincerely, Wayne Dugger

...What I am saying is that you are EVIL. Clearly you despise females and are narcissistic. ...You are delusional as well as mentally, emotionally and most decidedly spiritually unbalanced. Seek help as soon as you can. You are a detriment to humanity and stand in the path of progress and block the light of truth. It is advised that in the interim that you cease to spread anymore of your rotten words and hate-the world needs to recover and heal. You are a step in the wrong direction. [anonymous]

Louis; We are enjoying your study material on Bible Geography. I appreciate the endless effort you have put into the material and the ease at which it assist us in our geographical study of the OT. ...Ron Weeks Forest Hill Church of Christ Richmond, VA

Thank you, Louis & Bonnie. May God continue to bless you! In Christian love, Charles & Sherry Morgan

I am preparing a sermon called "The Blood!", "The Conduit to Transformation!" While searching for commentaries your web-site came up. I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that your work in the Bible is awesome. Be encourage, Rev. Eric A. Brockman

You are already a blessing to me! Please stay blessed, and I'll be praying for you and you ministry! Rev. Eric Brockman

LOUIS: Just a short note to let you know I really appreciate your monthy issues and the subjects covered. Yes, there are a lot of study and spiritual material that can be taken from them. Thank you, Brother in Christ, Ron Reynolds

Dear Brother, Thank you Louis and how are you and your family? Sister Rose Mohsen

Dearly beloved brethren in Christ Hearty greetings to you all in His most holy and high name. We are (Edara) situated at Krishna district in Andhra pradesh in southern part of India . We are continuing in the Lord's church and in HIS most glorious service. Please pray for this. We are requesting you to grant us permission to freely use some of your material in our magazine now and then. In the same way we have started James and Paul Bible School to teach and send men and women out to draw many towards God. This has been started as two years course with few students 3-5 days monthly. Please permit us to use your material in teaching whenever we feel necessary. Please pray for this too Praying for you all, for your families, church and for the Lord's work there. Thanking you all Your brother in Christ N.VINODA RAO, preacher CHURCH OF CHRIST S. INDIA

Thanks for the wonderful publication, and I hope things continue to get better and better! Bradley S. Cobb

Dear in Christ I inform you that I am very happy to learned good work you are doing in the Lord ...So may God bless the good work you all doing. ...Yours sincerely . Pr.Rose m Kego Kenya-Africa

I'm thankful for the conservative, faithful, publications like yours that remain online and are updated monthly. Keep up your good work with the Gospel Gazette. Michael Hatley

Excellent paper...Hartsell Johnson

Brother Rushmore, I2m glad to have been introduced to your excellent website by Raymond Elliott. I have bookmarked it for frequent browsing. ...To GOD be the glory! George Merritt


Louis, I think you are doing a good work. I also like GGO. It seems to me that there is a going away from teaching the Bible in depth, and wholly. So I enjoy GGO. Paul Mobley

Dear bro. Rushmore, Thank you for your good work in the gospel gazette. ...Thank you brother and God bless, Jim

Thanks for all you do to strengthen the kingdom and bring lost souls to Jesus. May God bless you in every good way. Sincerely yours in Christ, Tim Childs

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Brother Rushmore, I found your article both interesting and informing...I again commend you for your insight which is beyond what most are seeing.Good Job keep up the Good work. Jeffrey Miller Schaumburg church of Christ

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I really appreciate your reply, it will surely be useful to me and my quest for the truth. Once again, my sincerest thanks and I am sorry for bothering you because I know you have a very hectic schedule. Best regards, Gabriel Policarpio

LOUIS: Just a short note to say thank you for all your editorials and also for everyone else on your staff. I have my own "Missionary Library" which I have collected over 800 articles from Church of Christ publications, and your Gospel Gazette online is ahead of the list. I have used your editorials for Bible Study and I have preached once in a while. Just wanted to write you to let you know whow much the Gospel Gazette means to me. Brother in Christ, Ron Reynolds

Bro. Rushmore, You have an excellent site and we would like to spread the word about it. ...In Christ, Richard Parsons

Your site is a very very good site. I have been a "tent makerpreacher for almost 40 years and am retired from the computer world of business after over 40 years. I started in 1958. I have three monitors running, I teach all my classes and preach my sermons from my lap-top. What a wonderful world we have that allows us SO much information at out fingertips. Keep up the good work. Jack Wheeler Clovis Calif

Dear brother Rushmore, I want to thank you again for using my articles. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your article, NONALIGNED. I think that in some measure it is one of your best in that you touched on the reason why so much division exists in our brotherhood. I have been on the Board of Regents for Southern Christian University (Now Regions University) since 1973 but my allegiance belongs to Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. May God continue to bless your labors of love in His kingdom. Your brother in Jesus, Raymond Elliott

Louis: Just a note to tell you I deply appreciated the "Nonaligned" article. Personally, I think it would make a great series, though perhaps many enemies as well. Then again, I guess that would prove the point. Great article, as always! Ed Benesh

Hello Louis. My name is David and I am a member of the church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I would like to tell you that I really appreciate the work that you are doing online with this website. I have been using your site for a couple of years now and it has been very handy getting information when I do have a conversation with Non-Christians as well as my own personal study. You offered Preaching the Whole Counsel of God, Vol. 1 last month and I missed it and I was wondering if I could get that along with Vol. 2 That would be great if you could do this. I will keep on referring people to your site and God bless the work you are doing. In Christ, David Friesen

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Brother Rushmore, I appreciate the work you do on the Gospel Gazette On-Line. It is refreshing to see the truth regardless of its"political correctnessstated and printed for all to see. I am writing to seek your permission to put a link from our church website to the Gospel Gazette. ...Thanks for your time and again, thanks for your work. All for Christ, John Gibson

I appreciate the work you are doing through Gospel Gasette and your firm stand for the old paths. I am 76 years of age, and have been preaching 60 years. We need more men like you to take a stand these days. I would like to receive the free sermon book you mentioned in the December issue. I will encourage others to send their subscriptions to Gospel Gazette. Keep up the good work. James R. (Jim) Lundy.

Hello Louis: Thank you for doing this great work on the internet. In Him, David Friesen


Thank You very much for these books. I have down loaded them and have started to use them. I prepare my sermons on my computer using the Gospel Advocate Deluxe Bible Software to get the passages and then I paste them into my sermon. Then I load them through my shared file to my lap-top where I use exclusively for my bible class teaching and my sermons. Your sermon are very good. Thank You again. Jack Wheeler