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I would Lyk to be informed when new topics comes online expecially frm gospelgazette online. I would be very glad to have the word of God dwelling in my heart always n me being able to preach about the gospel to others. Thanks frm Samuel.
Thanks, brother Louis. I appreciate the Gospel Gazette. ~ Damon Vincent
I am with very much happy to officially inform you about how i so blessed with your books. I have been following you for the past 8 months and it has been very great marvellous in my life. I am not a preacher or even a leader at my place but with your help on your various books i am able to teach a congregation which for the past two years has no pastor or elder with your books i have serve the church up to date and hoping to get a pastor in the next three months. thank you brothers with your wives who are also doing fantastic work over there. ~ Ghana
Brother Rushmore, your article from 2012 “Ambassadors for Christ” is wonderful … so balanced and helpful. Both definitions/applications need to be studied and taught in all our congregations. Continued thanks for the Gospel Gazette. ~ George Merritt
Dear Rushmoore, Receive Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful for your letter I have just Read. I pray so that God continue blessing you abundantly. ~ Kenya
Thanks Bro. Some very interesting articles. I will begin reading tonight. Thanks for the lessons Bro. Gary Hampton have been one of my favourite writers for over 27 years. Best wishes to you for 2015 ~ Michael Hooper
Congrats on the 16th year of usefulness in the articles of Gospel Gazette. It is indeed edifying to read. Wonderful hope is given when the truth written is practiced. God bless you… This is so well done (as always) and these articles of bro. Posey are so worthwhile. I know I will use thoughts of them for the rest of my lifetime. ~ Robert Rawson
Many thanks. ~ Lincoln
I enjoy, promote and use many articles and use many for study as well. ~ Fred Nowell
Thanks you and pray for your every good work to be done glorifying God in His loving mission work.
Hello beloved, thanks so much 4 yr always care & concern. God bles u.
Louis Rushmore good evening. How is your family? I hope all is well. I want to thank you for uplifting the souls of the saints through your media. I am one of the beneficiaries of your resources and I thank God who made it so. Thanks and God bless you. ~ Andrew Alozie
Great to tell you that you are wonderfully assisting me in my ministry over here in Nigeria. God will continue bless you and Bonnie in your works. I love you all and will keep praying for you. ~ Jesse
Thanks a lot for all the articles including “Preach a Sermon, Preacher” in the volume 77 of The Voice of Truth International magazine. I am most grateful to all the writers and contributors of this life-changing magazine from where I got your contact/website. I appreciate the message of God’s word in all the articles. I am blessed and touched by them. ~ Nigeria
I just want to say thank you for all of the Lord Blessed work you do For Him and your sharing it with us. I don’t think I have told you before when i visited with you but I copy many of your articles for my files and some share with the American military and Korean preachers plus members when the occasion occurs. I truly appreciate you!!! Keep up the great and much needed work. you handle each issue very well. Yours in His service, ~ Malcolm, South Korea
May God continue to bless you, and please continue to let God lead you. We all need this kind of truth that you send via Gospel Gazette Online. May God Bless. ~ Elder Sanders
In the name of JESUS CHRIST Respected Sir Mr. Lovis Rushmore. Sir I am very happy your lessons are very nice and good .spiritual growthing so very very nice.
I was reading The Promise of God by Marilyn LaStrape, and it was very instructional and edifying. I look forward to reading more on this website. Thanks so much! God Bless You! ~ Carla
Thanks and God blessing you. ~ Daniel
Dear brother, Thank you so much for such a good lessons on this GGO as usual. ~ Philip, Myanmar
Thank you again for another wonderful Gospel Gazette. Thanks for the article regarding Santa Claus. I don’t celebrate Christmas because of it’s Catholic origin and it’s just too expensive. Your answer is truly thought provoking. Never heard of that take on Santa before. ~ Brenda Dixon
Enjoy reading your newsletters. ~ Victor Gray
I agree with writers about their excellent articles, bag with holes and God punishes wickedness, truly now days wickedness is growing daily. ~ O. Adam, India
Louis, Always a great read! I am always honored to be included in it. I recommend it everywhere I go to preach, and try to send some folks your way for help financially. Keep up the good work. God bless. ~ Robert Johnson
God bless you, the Ministry your family and your good fellow workers.
I might confess to you that, the Gospel Gazzet lesson you having sending me has being of great help to me all this years. I have being using it for my sermons and Bible class lesson and it is the one marerial l have being using. ~ Paul
Louis, Thank you for your ongoing and seemingly-tireless work in the Lord’s kingdom. Your work is truly to the benefit of our brethren. I suspect the hours and volume of work you do is often underappreciated, so please accept this “thank you” as a note of encouragement. In Christ, ~ John Allan
Thanks for your labour of love . Stay blessed! Sincerely in Christ. ~ Makinde, Nigeria
Thanks and God blessing you. ~ Daniel
Dear Mr Louis, Thank you so much Sir for continued support in the way of Truth with your helpful Christian literature-Gospel Gazette Online. I appreciate receiving this huge support and assistance. ~ Femi, Nigeria
Louis & Bonnie, We are so pleased you are safely home. Thanks for all you did on that long arduous journey. I have come to highly admire you both. You serve God so faithfully and give His people so much. I feel humbled to know you. Thanks for your example and inspiration. Now, do take a bit for rest & we’ll hope to see you in Florence soon. ~ W. Hamblen
MY DEAR BROTHER, THANKS FOR INTRODUCING TO ME Gospel Gazette online for biblical study through internet. I have much interest in bible study and will like to use G G 0 as a study point. I wish I can have all the February 2014 study or Articles Edition, God bless you, brother a good work like this. ~ Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu
Thank you for all the truth being taught. ~ Greg Cole
I am fine here and benefited by the articles you used to send me. Thanks for your concern for my spiritual knowledge. ~ Henry, Myanmar
I always look forward to your publication. Thank you for your good messages. ~ Madeline Peevy
Dr. Louis, Thank you for GGO lessons.I pray for next issuies. Thank you for Gospel Gazette. It make me encourage in Lord’s work.~ Peter, Myanmar
Keep up the good work! ~ Rhonda Powell
bro. Rushmore--just wanted to say that while I am a rather newcomer to your gospel gazette on line I am enjoying it very much. I have scanned all of the archived articles and read some of them of which I had a particular interest. One thing I enjoy is that you cover topics/questions not often discussed but about which folks often wonder. A second thing i enjoy is that you do not take a dogmatic attitude toward questions which are not dealt with clearly in the scriptures. I am not familiar with many of your writers (some I am). Anyway, thanks for a good service. I look forward to reading more regularly. ~ Don Fischer
Appreciate all the hard work you are doing - all for His glory. ~Joe & Merlene Latchmenarine, Guyana
Thank you bro Rushmore for the article on pornography. I have had a lifelong problem with it stemming from early childhood abuse. I am well up in years now and have still dabbled in it because of the convenience of the internet and the seclusion of my room. I have prayed most earnestly to be rid of it and have often thought I was making progress only to fall back because its allure comes upon me with seeming supernatural force. Few people, I am sure, who are unaffected by it can know the overwhelming power it has. It is truly an addiction of the worst sort. Right now I am at a point where I feel I may have turned the corner in my battle but I have felt this way before. However the resolve does seem to be stronger now. With God’s help I continue to battle. Thanks again for a very timely article.

Dear brother Louis, Please accept my heartfelt congratulation and appreciation for your fifteen years of service in GGO. I am proud to know you personally and use the articles that you publish. I hope and pray that you will continue this good job. Thank God and you for your life and service. Regards, Philip Van Biak Lian, Myanmar

Dear Brother Rushmore, Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. What a wonderful gospel paper the gospel gazette is, so rich in excellent material, so therefore I would like to subscribe. …The wife and I are members of the Lord’s church in the West Midlands, England. …In Him Who Tasted of Death for Every Man (Heb.2:9), Your Brother in Christ, Joseph, England

Thank you. God bless you and your ministry. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Jean Christophe Henel

I do enjoy your articles. Thanks, Jerry McKey

Hello my always beloved in the Lord that always thinking, praying and sending me good information every time. May our good God always continue to bless you and all your undertakings in Ministry in Jesus Mighty Name. I wish seeing one day in person. God bless you. Yours in His service, Rev. Sahr E.Yambasu, Sierra Leone

Hello! Dear Brother Rushmore and family, I thank God always on our friendship. I really appreciated on your works. Especially, on your literature works. We regularly got 30copies of The Voice of Truth International. Thanks. N.Thian Lian, Myanmar

Thank you for sending the Gospel Gazette Online. Steve Woosley
Thank you for sending me the new issues. I am personally benefited by the issues you used to send me every time. …I use them in teaching when I go about preaching and especially helpful in my personal study. I hope you will continue sending me such printed materials that help me much. Henry Sang, Myanmar

Just to “THANK YOU” for producing such fine material which is encouraging and educational. We thank God for brethren like you who are gifted and committed to what you do. Out here in far flung places sometimes it gets lonely and feel the need to be replenished for our mission work. Your GospelGazette is truly a wonderful tool. Sometimes I preach or teach your lessons just as they are. After all what is preaching, it is truth through personality. Thanks again for your encouragement. In Him, Jack Strachan

Dear brother Louis, Thank you so much for your articles and for your endeavoring for the Lord’s cause. They are practical lessons and insightful. Yours in His service. Philip Van Biak Lian, Myanmar

I always enjoy seeing these in my inbox each month. Louis’s article this month about the Godhead was as clear and concise of an explanation of that subject that I have seen. Keep up the good work. Charlie Smith

I do the bulletin for Crum Ridge Church of Christ, a small rural congregation of around 35 (near Caldwell, Ohio). We do not have a located preacher, but have different speakers each Sunday. We have five of our men who routinely preach for other small congregations in our area. I really appreciate the Gospel Gazette and have used many of the articles. Some are a bit too long for our bulletin, however, I really appreciate the content and read those for myself. There are many resources on the internet, but your publication is the best I’ve found. I appreciate so much being able to access it on the internet. God bless you in your work. Sincerely, Shirley Smith

God be with as you strive to work in the spread of thy gospel. Be blessed. Adam Chamisa, Zimbabwe

Thanks so much. …I am 89 years old and handicapped where I can’t attend worship like I would like. Louis Belk

Hello brother Rushmore, …I have very much appreciated you kind words and work throughout the years. … I admire those like yourself, your wife, etc. that will speak far after they reach the port of heaven. Thanks for all you continue to do for the Kingdom, Fred C. Nowell Jr.

Dear Brother Rushmore, Thank you very much Sir for all your unforgettable kindness and indelible input and impact into my life and faith. I really appreciate the sound Bible teachings contained in all the Gospel Gazette…. May the Lord bless your week with His peace and joy. Yours by His Grace, Timothy Femi Temilola, Nigeria

Beloved Bro. Rushmore, Greetings and appreciation for your tireless efforts to serving Master Jesus! May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all you do in Jesus Christ name, amen. Sincerely in Christ. Makinde Olufemi, Nigeria

Sir Rushmore thanks for August edition. God bless your servant. In Christ, Jerry Manawan, Indonesia

Please I need it monthly. Nigeria

Thank you again for a wonderful issue of the Gospel Gazette. I was particularly interested in the article on instrumental music. This seems to be the one issue of why my blood relatives will not worship with me. They say they agree with most of what is taught in the Church of Christ, but can’t get through a service without instrumental music, the choir, and shouting. They call our service boring. I have had several discussions with members of the Lord’s church about listening to instrumental gospel music outside of the worship service. I agree some of it sounds great. I have issues with some of untruth of the lyrics. Which God are signing to or about in instrumental music? I personally feel that it is wrong to listen to it. I think it gives none members the wrong message. I had a little disagreement with one of my sisters for playing it in the fellowship hall at our congregation. I was evidently wrong because the neither the minister or youth minister asked her to turn it off. Several months ago, you had an article on attending the prom. Your writer made the point of it being wrong. Then I go on my Facebook page and find photos of several members of my congregation attending the prom at their schools. Their fathers are deacons and elders in the church. The outfits of the girls does not cover their cleavage. The extremely short dresses that women wear to church and the very short shorts, along with the bikinis that members wear to church and outside of the church in my opinion does not set an good example for the world. I believe I am wrong in doing this and I do ask God to help me, but I find myself being silent. I vent anonymously. I am not ashamed of the gospel… Brenda Dixon

So well done; thank you and God bless. …Again , thank you for the grand work being done. God bless you all in the Rushmore family. Robert Rawson

Dear brother in Christ, Thank you for your kind message.Brother, I want your kind Bible material If you will please send me this material is very useful our weekly Bible classes. Thanking you brother. Yours in Christ, Adimalla Hanok

Hello, I am writing to let you know how encouraging the work that you are doing is. …Thank you, Rafael Ramirez

Greetings Brother Rushmore, As I sit here at my desk reading your latest newsletter, I am saddened to read of the news of Sister Bonnie’s diagnosis with cancer.  I will be praying for the two of you. While we haven’t met in person we have exchanged emails in the past, I truly enjoy the Gospel Gazette, and appreciate reading of your efforts to take the Gospel throughout the world. You and Sister Bonnie truly reflect the attitude of our brother Epaphroditus that we read about in the book of books, Phil 2: 25-30. Even in her illness, sister Bonnie is undoubtedly an encouragement too many including myself to press on in our service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless you and your family in your exemplary work. In Christ who saves, Marc Wilkerson

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!!! Edgar C. Beard

Greetings to you in the lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a minister of God from India. I read some of your articles. I learned many things from these articles. I am blessed through this. Let your ministry spread all over the world. John Moses

All the articles are good but the one I want you to be sure to read is on page 14. This would be a good website for you to subscribe to . They have some really good teaching articles. See you Wed. Love, Madolyn Gibson

Keep up the good work! Rhonda Powell

Brother Rushmore, I have spent several hours studying the contents of this article liked it very much. Thanks for such a well organized and easy to follow article your articles on the Holy Spirit have educated me greatly along with Bro Franklyn Camps book "The Work of the Holy Spirit in Redemption". Respectfully, CB Hanlon

Louis, I hope you and Bonnie are enjoying good health. I miss getting to visit with you at the lectureships in FL and east TN. I don’t have much money these days and can’t afford to attend lectureships as I once did. “Thank You” for your excellent article on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. IMO, it was a much needed article. I hope I’m wrong; but it appears that Calvinism, like the proverbial camel, already has its nose in the tent. If not stopped, we’re in serious danger. Again, I appreciated your article very much! For my age I’m in relatively good health. I miss full-time preaching but stay busy in the work of the local church. I’ll be teaching a class this coming Sunday morning. Keep up your good work. Tell Bonnie I said “Hello.” Miles Peeples

Dearly, Thanks so much for the good works. God bless you. Femi Gbamis

Great read! Great resource. Be blessed. Yolanda Henderson

Greetings Brother Rushmore, I hope all is well with you all. …I cannot tell you how much I enjoy getting the Gazette and use many articles for bulletins and study. Your Q & A have been most beneficial. Godspeed, Fred Nowell

Dear brother Louis, I hope this note will find you well both in soul and body. …It is my prayer that the Lord may contiune blessing you in His work. Thank you brother for remembering me with articles; I am enjoying the information. I hope I told you that I am a preacher for Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. In Christ Yours, Kizito Dominico

Dear brother: Rodney’s editorial was very good, and I hope that he writes more. …As always, I appreciate the work you and Bonnie and the rest of those involved with GGO and your publications have done and continue to do. With love and prayers, for God's blessings, Nathan Barton

Brother Louis thanks for this edition of GGO. It was fruitful to my soul. The topic by Bonnie and Tim Child. “The world is not my home” and “Relationship in the Lord's church” gave me that sense of knowing we are one, inspite of where we are. I encourage you more. Continue in the Lord’s work as to redeem souls because that is our business on earth. Jesse Chigbu

Bro Lewis, I want to thank you for this article, you have given me something to study, Manner vs Measure, gift,  and never referred to as a baptism. Again thanks for all your hard work, I use your articles for study. …In His service, CB Hanlon

Brother Rushmore: thanks for your reply and the information concerning the Lord’s Supper. The information was very helpful. Garland Hankins

Great article about the Baptism of The Holy Spirit. I enjoyed the comments of the positions of Brents, Lipscomb, McGarvey and others. It has been a while since I have studied the subject. Thanks again! Tom Forrest

Hello again brother Rushmore, I just wanted you to know that I love the Gospel Gazette Online. I look forward to each issue, and I enjoy the wide variety of topics and balance in each issue. Often if I wonder about an issue or subject I use the search feature and consult an archived edition. Again, I thank you and the writers for your work. … Kevin Whitt

Thank you. Blessings. Ermalee Ort

Bro Rushmore, I want to thank you for your editorial on The Holy Spirit Medium of Operation. I value your Gazette and use your articles for study etc. CB Hanlon, Jacksonville, Fl

Thank you for the Gospel Gazette. I always enjoy receiving it. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and Bonnie. Stan Rogers

Hello your gospel gazette of this month is a wonderful one. I enjoyed the articles. … My regards to Bonnie and Betty Choate. Love you all, Jesse Chigbu, Nigeria

Dear Bro. Rushmore, Thank you so much for adding me into your mail list for Gospel Gazette. There are some beautiful articles being written which are very informative and useful as well. May God richly bless you as you strive to glorify Him and His kingdom. In Christ, Sudheer TG (Billy), India

With respect. Thank you dear brother Rushmore and Bonny in learning. Our prayers that the Father gives you health and wisdom to continue to serve in the World. Jerry Manawan, Indonesia

Dear Brother Louis, Greetings to you in the Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God and Praying for the magazine sent by email. God Bless all your work for His glory. Pray for us also. With Love & Prayers, In His Service, David Martin, India

Thanks. Willie Hamblen

Dear Brother Louis & Sister Bonnie Rushmore, Thank you for your gospel gazette. … This gospel gazette has been helping me a lot in preaching our congregations. In His Service, Daniel Raju, India

Dear Brother Louis& Sister Bonnie Rushmore, Thank you for sending Gospel Gazette Online. The articles are very helpful for me.God bless you. Your loving brother in Christ, Sian Thang, Myanmar

Dear Bro Rushmore, Thank you so much for the Gospel Gazette. I really appreciate all the sound and scripturally accurate articles. Yours sincerely, Femi Temilola, Nigeria

Dear brother Louis, Thanks for the update and the GG. In Christian love, Jim E. Waldron

Please relay my best regards to brother Therman Hodge. We pray for every brethren doing a worthy course for Christ all around the globe. God bless. Jone Qorogalu, Nadi Church Of Christ, Nadi, Fiji.

Dear Louis, Greetings in His name. Brother I am enjoying reading articles you are sending through internet. At present I am reading those you sent when you were in Myanmar (Burma). I think you are working hard. May the Lord bless you. I know you are in The World Evangelism team and I hope you have a lot of work. …Your in Christ, Kizito Dominico

Dear my brother Rushmore and sister Bonnie Rushmore. Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We remember you in our daily prayers and especially pray for your hard work for God. …thank you for coming to India. …your wife lovely Bonnie Rushmore also given good lessons among women Bible class time. At that time my wife Rani felt very happy and learned so many things from our beloved sister Bonnie Rushmore … I am converted Christian from Hindu back ground. I am working as a preacher among the Hindu people and Muslim people. …Joshua Ponnada

Brother Rushmore, I really appreciated your articles, especially the one on the person of the Holy Spirit. With your schedule, I don't see how you do all that you do. Oh, yes, your wife is an excellent writer also. Your servant in Jesus Christ, Raymond Elliott

I have read a lot of things but never one so sad as what you think… perhaps it is you who need repentance? …Love in Jesus Christ, L.P. Richardson, Sr.

Thanks for the lesson. God bless your family in ministry. …In Christ, Jerry Manawan

Brother Louis, glad to know that you are in Burma doing God’s work. I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of you and Bonnie, and will greatly bless you with wisdom, good health, and long life. In fact, I must say that your gospel gazette of this month is tremendously rich. It was so resourceful that my spiritual hunger was fed as I read them. …My family are praying for you and Bonnie always. …I love you. Jesse Chigbu.

Great articles; grand time of the centuries to be able to post Gospel Gazette in this media. Wonderful work. God bless you, Bonnie and all the efforts being put forth across the seas. Robert Rawson

Hello brother Louis: As always, the Gospel Gazette on line looks great. I continue to appreciate your many works for the cause of our Lord. I am amazed at the abundance you, and your good wife are doing. Of course, you two are still “youngsters." Chuckle! Donald Fox

Dear Sir, I was highly elated when my preacher introduced your website to me. I am a 34 year young man and a member of the Lord’s church. I am a Ghanaian from western part of Africa. I enjoy evangelism very much. …I and some of my Christians friends have decided to learn the truth by getting some of these articles. I compiled them and save them on my computer so that whoever needs any information, I easily get it for them. Recently, by the Grace of God, I converted an Adventist through some of these articles. He is now convinced that the church which the Bible talks about is the Church of Christ. He is doing well. We are doing the Bible course together. …God bless you and your wife. Hope my request will be granted. Kofi Amuasie

Thank you for your monthly spiritual messages. Ron Reynolds

Am praying for you a safe trip as well as a safe return. It is my humble prayer God continue to bless as you do his will. Please know I have been inspired by your zeal to reach others. May God Bless You!! Your sister in Christ, Lisa Hudson

Dear brethren, Thank you for your great work and for sharing. Appreciate very much if you can prompt me when the new issue of Gospel Gazette Online has been published to the Internet. God bless. With best regards, Sharon Chan, Church Secretary, Church of Christ, Jurong, Singapore

Dear Bro Rushmore, …Thank you for the ministering word to me and to others. Blessings, Vivian

Beloved in Christ, Greetings and appreciation from staff & students of the Southwest School of Evangelism… Nigeria… May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all your undertaking in Jesus Christ name, amen. …We appreciates so much your dedication for the cause of Christ. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all your undertaking in Jesus Christ name, amen. I remain your fellow labourer in Christ, Makinde E.Olufemi

Thank you so much for the good work. Here is Brother John Ochieng from Mombasa, Kenya.

Hello and thank you for your web site and Jesus for helping me find it. Rebecca Almeida

Thanks for the article on Methuselah. …Thanks for your good work. Jack Wheeler

Hello Louis. Hope this finds you doing well. Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciated the answer you gave to the question “Did Methuselah Die after the Universal Flood?” I thought that is was very well answered. …We respect you dearly and pray for your efforts. Your friend and brother, Ray Weddington

Brother Rushmore, Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy getting your newsletter. You are doing a great job and I thank you. Frank Williams

Greetings brother Rushmore, …I always read with interest your online publications and find each addition edifying and encouraging. … [name withheld upon request]

We truly appreciate what you are doing and enjoy very much reading The Gospel Gazette. David Boyce

Dear Sir, Thanks for sending us your teachings & please go on note that we have a bible school & your teachings are of good help God bless you. James Nyandika

THANK AND GOD BLESS YOU. Daniel Oluwagbemiga Ejigbemiro

I must have to appreciate your work on “THE DIVINE CHURCH.” Ijust a copy from Ruth Orr today, it’s encouraging I love it. If i may ask, brother Louis don’t you think that you and sister Bonnie ministry is needed in Nigeria? In fact am gaining more insights from you and will like to work with you. May God bless you as I wait to hear from you. Jesse Chigbu

Thank you. Gospel Gazette Online has a great impact on my life. It is a blessing to me. Thanks so much for helping me to grow spiritually. Marcia Kelly

Many thanks. Lincoln Bhila

Please continue to send GGO… Thank you and God Bless your work. Charles Huff

Hello Beloved, thank you so much for this tremendous work you are doing… May our good God always continue to elevate and promote you and your Ministry more highier in the Mighty name of Jesus. I am always blessed by your materials sent to me, and likewise who always reads them with me; more especially like this one. Upto now, I am still in Monrovia… Emmanuel Yambasu

Thanks for such a rich Christian resource site. May the Lord Jesus always keep you in his book of remembrance for your huge sacrifice in serving the gospel Christian community of our age. Please keep me posted. My warmest regards, Henry Uche

Thank you for responding. Brother Tonkery also responded. I am so blessed to have knowledgeable brothers in the Church to help me grow and maintain my faith. May God continue to bless you and your staff for the great work you do. Brenda Dixon

Dear Brethren, I greet you all in the bless name of our savior, Jesus Christ, hoping that things are well by the special grace of God our Loving and faithful Father in heaven. I want to thank you so much for all the lessons you have sent me over these periods. It has really been a great help in my Christian journey. But there is one subject that I am still struggling with that I kindly ask you to please address to enable me teach someone also. The subject of instrumental music. Could you please… in depth write on this subject for me. Please help me clearly understand this please. Robert Dahn

Well done; even on the road!!!!!! Thanks, Robert Rawson

Praise the Lord. Gospel Gazette Online has helped me in the knowledge of God’s word more widely. Besides that I learn English and translate the lessons you give. God bless your family. and brothers who share their lessons. ~ Jerry Manawan, Indonesia, Papua

Thanks for all your good work, we use some of the articles in our church bulletin from time to time. ~ Wesley Snyder

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. ~ David Boyce

I often receive the Gospel Gazette Online and make sufficient use of the lessons as my teaching lessons or sermon. Thanks for your great work. Love in Christ, Prince Ugbe, Nigeria

Dear Brother Rushmore, I wish to thank you for the most excellent article in the October 10, 2007 issue of the Gospel Gazette concerning Deuteronomy 14:26. I am so glad I found your page and the information and scholarship contained therein. I preach for a small congregation in west Godavari District, India, and have difficulty attaining the depth of study presented in this article. However, I am grateful to the Lord for men such as you who can analyze, address and apply such information in an understanding and informative manner. May God bless your work. I am, Minister Lazarus sk, Akiveedu Town Church of Christ
Hi Louis, Hope your work is going well. Thanks for sending me the Gospel Gazette. There are some fine articles in it by fine men. You are doing a great work. I pray that God will continue to bless you and Bonnie in your work in the kingdom. ~ Rod Rutherford

Brother Rushmore, The email reminders of each new issue of Gospel Gazette are most effective. More times than not, I am using an article from GG as the featured article on the Resources page of our site. It serves two purposes. Not only does it call attention to a fine article; the link takes our browsers to GG out of which they find many more great reads. May God bless you and your work! ~ George Merritt, Troy, AL 36081 Visit us online at www.GoodRadioNews.com

Excellent, as usual! ~ Roger Leonard, Evangelist, Adel Church of Christ, Adel, GA

Brother Rushmore: We have a new web page address for the Olive St. church of Christ in Mexico, MO www.webpages.charter.net/wlsnyder We enjoy getting the Gospel Gazette and use article from it in our bulletin. May God bless your work for His kingdom. ~ Wesley Snyder, Olive St. church of Christ, Mexico, MO 65265

Thanks so much beloved for your always concern. May Our Good God always continue to bless you in ministry in Jesus’ name. Hello Beloved, I hope you are well and doing fine by God’s grace. Thanks so much for your every month mails sent. Is not only that I have INTEREST in them but that they are always BLESSING my life and so many other lives that are going through it with me. Thank you very much for your mail. You know, any time I receive mail from you I feel very good. May the Lord our good God always continue to bless you in ministry as you are always blessing others. Thanks. Yours in Him, Rev. S.E. Yambasu

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who contribute articles. I find it very encouraging and stimulating as we try to bring the truth to the world. You are all doing a great work and you are appreciated. God bless. ~ Jack Strachan

Dear brother Rushmore, I write this from M. Rajamouli. I have received your great letter. I thank you. Please pray for me. M. Rajamouli, India

Dear Mr. Rushmore, I am most grateful for the Gospel Gazette Online – the very many biblically sound articles are just too valuable to remain inaccessible to people like us without online access. May the Lord continue to bless you and your Church of Christ ministry and congregation. Thank you so much for all the helpful articles based on the Holy Scriptures. May the New Year bring greater ministry success in reaching more people for the Lord Jesus Christ. Yours because of Calvary, Femi Temilola, Ibadan, Nigeria

Thanks very much, the articles here are just awesome. Just want to remind you that they are very helpful and I still read them. Thank you and God bless you richly. ~ Majestic Husayn

Congrats on 13 years. Keep up the good work. ~ Mark McWhorter

Thanks for all your great work in the kingdom. The Gospel Gazette is fantastic. ~ Mark Posey, Austinville Church of Christ, Decatur, AL

Dear brother Rushmore, Greetings to you, sister and your family. Hope and pray that you and the honorable work you do for the Lord is progressing good and many souls are added to the Lord’s kingdom. Specially praying for you and sister’s travel plans as you reach out souls throughout India and other countries. Just a short note to thank you from my heart for the wonderful book “THE CHURCH DIVINE”, which I received … I enjoyed it and I have started translating it to be used as articles in our monthly Tamil magazine “Gracious word”. … With love and prayers, Kingsly Rajah

Christian Friends: If you have never checked out the excellent website the Gospel Gazette, please check it out. It is full of very worthwhile articles. The Gospel Gazette’s achieves is loaded with biblical information. Another excellent edition of the Gospel Gazette. I continue to be impressed with your professional looking web site. Your present format is very easy to follow, and I like its appearance. With the “Dear Donald” makes it personal and following “In This Issue” gives the viewer a “right to the point” style. ~ Don Fox, www.essaysbyfox.org

Brother Rushmore, I was quite surprised when I saw one of my articles appear in this month’s Gospel Gazette. I enjoy reading the GG and often use articles for my bulletin. Again, it was a joy to see you at PTP and count you and your wife very precious brethren that are most concerned about the souls of men, to feed as well as to save. Keep up the great work. ~ Fred Nowell

Dear Brother Rushmore, Thank you for your very detailed and informative discussion on “Anglefood Ministries.” This information helped us greatly to make our decision. Actually, there was no decision to make (at this time). This will help with this or other issues in the future. Thanks again, keep up the great work. ~ Dwight Kibby

Louis, I just wanted to drop you a note about your latest Editorial. What a great article! The world needs to know so badly that it is Christianity, not humanism, which has the answers that they need. I pray all is well with you and Bonnie and I am so glad that you are out there fighting the good fight, writing things that are useful and beneficial to the kingdom. Despite whatever challenges you all may face, I can assure you that you are where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing. Thanks, Love in Christ, Mark Weaver

I enjoy the Gospel Gazette. My youngest son is using your Bible Geography in our homeschool this year. May God continue to use you in His kingdom. ~ Patti

Dear Brethren, Thanks for GG Online. ~ Gandham Prabhu Doss

Thank you all for the August Gospel Gazette Online and your excellent work. I am very happy to receive it. …Back to enjoying my reading. God bless all you do for Him. ~ Dorothy Simmons

Thank you so much for sending this to me. I so enjoy reading the articles that you publish each month. I usually use them for my Bible study each day along with listening to the Bible CD’s. Of course, it is a thrill to me to see that you publish my son, Dean Kelly’s, articles just about each month. God bless you and keep you. In Christian love, Marcia Kelly

Louis, thanks for all of your good work. ~ Ed Melott

Dear Bro. Louis, Greetings to you in the Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Gospel Gazette Online issue of July, 2011. The articles are really good for our spiritual growth. Praying for all the brothers who are writing the messages in this magazine. Praying God to bless this work more and more. Pray for us. With Love and Prayers, In His Service. ~ David Martin, Evangelist, Church of Christ. Chennai.

First, I would like to say I highly enjoy and appreciate the work being done with the Gospel Gazette. Thanks! I also appreciate the answering of questions I’ve had in the past. I’m very much appreciative. God bless. ~ Kevin Whitt

Dear brother, Thank you for sending this useful material regularly. May God bless all your effort for His cause. In Him, Raja Ezs

Good morning, Sir, Thank you for the Gospel Gazette and all that you do. May the Lord be with you as you do His will. All of your articles are good, but this one, “Not the Sabbath, But the other Nine,” is particularly useful for teaching students of the Bible about the Old and New Testaments. As a Bible correspondence course instructor, it soon becomes apparent that one of the most misunderstood areas is whether or not we are under the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament. Almost every student is confused about this. This article will be used to help them clarify in their mind the difference between the old and new covenants. Thank you. Loy Pressley, Emory church of Christ, Emory, TX

Thanks for the Gazette. I notice that you are on target concerning Satan falling from lightening from heaven (Luke 10). I was wondering about the statements about the king of Babylon (Isa. 14:12), the king of Tyre (Ezekiel 28), and the elders punishment (1 Tim. 3) and (Rev. 12). Seems like none of these refer to Satan being cast out of heaven. Some brethren in South Carolina that are sending sermons use the passages to teach that Satan is a fallen angel. He probably is, but I do not find a passage that I think speaks specifically of him as being a fallen angel. God’s care, Owen Olbricht

Thanks Brother: Also, I wanted to thank you and all the faithful Brethren who contribute to the great work on the Gospel Gazette. My wife and I truly enjoy it. ~ Marc Wilkerson

Dear Louis, I just want to thank you for the blessing I received today in my e-mail! What a wonderful surprise to be able to get the May issue of the Gospel Gazette Online. I was not aware this was even available! Thank you for offering your services in this way. I will “spread the word” of your online efforts to “spread the Word.” God bless you and your staff in your efforts. Sincerely, Wanda Miller

I’m an elder with the Greeneville church of Christ in Greeneville Tn. I picked up your book Beverage Alcohol at Polishing the Pulpit last summer. … It’s one of the best books I have read on the subject. Thanks for the work you are doing. ~ Cecil Ellenburg

Grace and peace be to you. Am indeed happy to get this time to read and respond to your email. It’s been so great going through the teachings you have been sending to us. God has greatly ministered to our souls through you. I thank God for using you to give us this good teachings. I know God brings people together for a reason. He has brought us together with you because He wants us to reach spiritual maturity and give us an assurance in heaven. Your teachings have been great to our ministries and our congregation. ~ David Mogere Ongesa, Nairobi- Kenya

John Allen, Thank you for your article on “The Eye of the Needle.” It is good to be reminded of rules of interpretation. Keep writing. Sincerely, Herb Carnagey