Gospel Gazette Online
Volume 20 Number 1 January 2018
Page 1

Rodney Nulph, Associate Editor

Editors, Rodney Nulph and Louis Rushmore, invite you to enjoy the January 2018 edition of Gospel Gazette Online. In addition, thousands of articles are archived for you. Enjoy!

In This Issue

Page 2: Not Just Another Book Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 2: The Way of Transgressors Is Hard Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: Let Down Your Nets Gary C. Hampton
Page 3: Think and Do Robert Johnson
Page 4: It's Too Hard to Understand! Royce Pendergrass
Page 4: Christianity in Action T. Pierce Brown
Page 5: Dear Dead Ones: Congratulations! Denny Petrillo
Page 5: An Unsure Leader? Andy Robison
Page 6: Read and Obey Your Bible Cecil May, Jr.
Page 6: I Have a Dream Ronald D. Reeves
Page 7: A Mind to Work Rebecca Rushmore
Page 7: Worry? Martha Lynn Rushmore
Page 8: First Things First! Mark Posey
Page 8: The Ancient Beetles David Everson
Page 9: Forty Years a Christian David R. Kenney
Page 9: Choices Raymond Elliott
Page 10: It Wasn't a Silent Night Mark T. Tonkery
Page 10: Hear Him Ernest S. Underwood
Page 11: Fields White for Harvest Brian R. Kenyon
Page 11: God Is One Mark McWhorter
Page 12: My Heart's Desire and Prayer to God Marilyn LaStrape
Page 13: Pushing Ourselves Dean Kelly
Page 13: The Humble Servant Derek Broome
Page 14: Quiet Christians Donald R. Fox
Page 14: The Sum of Your Word Is Truth Cliff Holmes
Page 15: Q&A: Who Came First? Louis Rushmore
Page 15: Q&A: 666 in the Book of Revelation Louis Rushmore
Page 15: Q&A: God-Fearing Family Louis Rushmore
Page 16: Q&A:Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Louis Rushmore
Pare 16: Q&A: How Old Was Jesus When Joseph Died? Rebecca Rushmore
Page 16: Q&A: Why Did God Create Man? Louis Rushmore

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