Gospel Gazette Online
Volume 22 Number 10 October 2020
Page 1

Rodney Nulph, Associate Editor

Louis Rushmore Louis Rushmore (left) and Rodney Nulph (right), invite you to enjoy the October 2020 edition of Gospel Gazette Online. Use the index or search engine to find thousands more articles in the Archive. We hope that you find the contents of this website useful for personal study, class and sermon preparation, and use in church bulletins. Let us hear from you.

In This Issue

Page 2: The Written Word Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 2: The Bible's Mistakes? Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: The King or the Dictator Robert Johnson
Page 3: Staying Faithful Gary C. Hampton
Page 4: One Is Saved When He Obeys Christ's Command to Be Saved Sunny David
Page 4: Blinders Royce Pendergrass
Page 5: A Vaccine Is Already Available Justin Gonzales
Page 5: Keep Looking to Jesus Ralph Clevinger
Page 6: God's Family Plan Helen Mann
Page 6: The Godhead Jean G. Barker
Page 7: How to Love Life and See Good Days Randall Evans
Page 7: The Miracle of Sap Dave Everson
Page 8: A Faithful Christian David Q. Fisher
Page 8: The Bob Howton
Page 9: The Influence of Evolution Ben Jones
Page 9: Morality Does Matter Jerry R. Kendall
Page 10: Our Spiritual Walk Jay Jones
Page 10: When We Differ Cecil May, Jr.
Page 11: The Lord's Supper and the Lord's House Robert C. Lupo
Page 11: Sin George McNulty
Page 12: Are We All Going to Be Lost… Martha Lynn Rushmore
Page 12: The Biggest Two-Letter Word — If Marilyn LaStrape
Page 13: The Purpose of Preaching Mark Ray
Page 13: Does Belief in Jesus Matter? Arlis Richardson
Page 14: Rejoicing at Adversity D. Gene West
Page 14: How to Treat Our Enemies! Chuck Taylor
Page 15: Do Not Fret Andy Robison
Page 15: More on Solemnized Pronouns C. Philip Slate
Page 16: Q&A: Who Killed the Firstborn? Louis Rushmore
Page 16: Q&A: Who Was Miriam? D.A. Adenugba

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