Gospel Gazette Online
Volume 25 Number 1 January 2023
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Rodney Nulph, Associate EditorMay God richly bless each reader of Gospel Gazette Online in this new year of 2023. Just the other day, I was a young lad, and it's hard to imagine that so many years have come and gone from then to now. Nevertheless, praise God from Whom all blessings come. Brother Rodney and I hope that Gospel Gazette proves to be a blessing in your life, both through each new monthly edition and via the thousands of articles in the Archive. Gospel Gazette is an excellent resource for personal edification, class and sermon preparation, as well as for bulletin articles. You know personally how Gospel Gazette can enrich your life, so don't be stingy, but instead, tell others about it, and share it with them.

In This Issue

Page 2: Our Many Sins Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 2: Enemies of Jesus Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: While He Is Near John Stacy
Page 4: Get Behind Me Satan Robert Johnson
Page 4: The Rains Will Come, and the Winds Will Blow Thomas Baxley
Page 5: Redeeming the Time Sunny David
Page 5: A Look in the Mirror Derek Broome
Page 6: Helping the Next Generation Gary C. Hampton
Page 6: Give Thanks Every Morning and Every Evening Aaron Cozort
Page 7: The Gospel and Salvation Brian R. Kenyon
Page 7: Baking Soda in the Shower Chad Ezelle
Page 8: Intreated Him Mark McWhorter
Page 8: Arise, O People of God… Ernest S. Underwood
Page 9: They Searched the Scriptures Johnny O. Trail
Page 10: How to Grow as a Christian Hiram Kemp
Page 11: You Smell Like Sheep Raymond Elliott
Page 11: New Year Prayer Cliff Holmes
Page 12: The High King of Earth George McNulty
Page 12: The Things that Make for Peace Terry Wheeler
Page 13: The Obedient Wife Martha Lynn Rushmore
Page 13: From a City in Thailand... Rebecca Rushmore
Page 14: Practice the Truth Ralph Clevinger
Page 14: A Grain of Wheat Must Die T. Pierce Brown
Page 15: A Drought Royce Pendergrass
Page 15: Speak Out Ed Benesh
Page 16: Q&A: Did Jonah Die in the Belly of the Great Fish? Louis Rushmore

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