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Thanks your sending Gospel Gazette Online. ~ Jay Ahti, Myanmar (Burma)
I'm grateful for receiving September online edition of Gospel Gazette. Thanks and with regards, minister Nkereuwem Inyang from Nigeria.

Dear Rushmore, Greetings. Happy Sunday! It was really early raining Sunday morning that disturbs many from worship. I thank God my family and I were there in worship with few others. I am always pleased with your teachings. It is encouraging and reminding us our Spiritual duty and plan to do His will. I praise God and will always enjoy your teachings. Keep it up. In Christian Love, Moses Ogar

Greetings Bro Rushmore, I really appreciate all the good, sound articles from The Gospel Gazette & The Voice of Truth International. I receive The Gazette thru email & enjoy both publications from your website. I really enjoy all the "archives" & easy access from your site. …Again, thanks for all your hard work for the Kingdom & for the very sound & much needed articles concerning true Christianity. ~ Mike Longcrier, USA
Gospel Gazette is of much edification ~ Obara Marube Gideon, Kenya

Praying for your work and thank you for the report update. May the Lord bless you both with health and effectiveness in your outreach and efforts for Him and His people. In His love, Chris and Michelle Herd, New Zealand

Greetings. I am so blessed with Gospel Gazette on line.  The articles are inspiring and edifying. Please continue to mail me the same. Keep up your good work brother. God bless you, Brotherly, P. Paulraj, India

I really enjoyed your August 2022 edition of the publication.keep on with your good work. Thanks, Nkerry Inyangnta, Nigeria

I appreciated this commentary on Romans 3:30. As I was reading through Romans 3 this morning in my devotions I was struck by the difference in prepositions here. Dr. Brown did a superb job in breaking down what Paul was saying to both Jews and Gentiles. Blessings! ~ Paul Lewandowski 

Dear Louis, Greetings to you in The Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for the magazine. God Bless your works. Do Pray for us also. With Love & Prayers,  In His Service, David martin , India

Peace of Christ be with you all. Thank you very much for Biblical articles. I am enjoying and sharing. God bless you abundantly, Thierry Ekele, Cameroon

Thank you brother Rushmore. I enjoy and share your excellent paper. ~ John Vaughan, USA

Brother Rushmore, For several years I have read and benefitted from the Gospel Gazette.  I appreciate your work. ~ Bruce Ligon

Beloved in the Lord, I am so happy and blessed for coming across your website ( https://www.gospelgazette.com/library/) where I can study and learn more for my salvation and His gospel sake. Yesterday I came across some wonderful lessons on volume 99 (Passing on our faith). I have some soft copies of The Voice of Truth International. I have been trying to search only how to get the soft copies and thank God I found it today. I am so happy for these articles. May God keep blessing you all for the remarkable works and legacies for Christ's and His Gospel sake. Christ's Love ove and Peace, Your brother and fellow-servant  in Christ, Thierry Ekele, Cameroon..

Thank you for your sharing messages from GGO. ~ Jay Ahti, Myanmar

Dear Rushmore, As usual, I enjoy your teaching. God is merciful yet tolerates no sin. God blesses you all and keep up the good work. In Christian Love, Moses Ogar

I enjoy reading the Gospel Gazette Online articles so much so that they become to me a treasure-trove of Gospel literature!  Please continue to put me on your "mailing list". God bless and guide you in your work.  ~ M. Nguldoukhup

Amen, brother!  Very encouraging! ~ D.H. Johnson

Thank you. ~ Rodolfo Blanford

Dear Bros Rushmore and Nulph, Thank you so much for the most excellent articles you publish. The church (and the world) needs more brothers like you, spreading the Word at no cost. Keep up the good work. In Him, Edward Anderson, South Africa

Thank you. ~ Fortune Thakheli

We must uphold the Scriptures and carry on true teaching. I appreciate your work and all in the system. God enriches you all with more wisdom to spread the truth. In Christian Love, Moses Ogar

Oh yes brother, even though it has been a number of years I have not stopped following you and your sound teaching. My wife and I love to hear of all of your adventures… The Voice of Truth International and The Gospel Gazette have been invaluable to my growth as a Christian. …Thank you for all that you do. You and your family are always in my prayers as well. In Him, Trey Cauble, USA

Dear Brother, Thank you for the magazine. Praying for all your works. Do Pray for us also. WithLove & Prayers and iIn His service, David Martin, India

Calvary greetings to you all. I appreciate you for your regular mail. Thanks so much. May God continue to see you through in all your endeavors and His Blessings continually be with You in Christ name Amen. ~ Taiwo Sunday

Brother, thank you. Well structured and illuminating. God fills you the more with wisdom. In His Service, Moses Ogar.

Greetings in Christ brethren. Thank you very much for the May 2022 edition. ~ Anil Kumar Bobbili, India

God bless you for great teaching. I enjoy it. ~ Moses Ogar

I appreciate for every Gospel Gazette you have always sent me. I have always used the materials for our Bible study in Christ's Church. ~ Ronald Jumba, Kenya

Thanks very much. ~ Joseph Mwakabelele

Dear Brother, It wonderful to have this resource for sound material to publish. We often receive compliments for our bulletin and the articles contained within from several area congregations and from some distant ones as well. Thank you so much for your hard work! ~ Robert Lupo, USA

Thanks. ~ Daniel Oluwagbemiga Ejigbemiro

Very well said. May God help us to use our resources to honour our Creator- God. We must be convicted of our shortcomings and focus on conversion. I enjoy the teaching. Yes a message that regularly reminds one of the dangers associated waywardness. God saves us in Jesus Name Amen. ~ Moses Ogar

Happy New year and thanks for sending me the gospelgazette, I do appreciate your efforts and pray God Almighty to bless and reward you all in Jesus name amen. Please keep sending for its really help me as a Minister's of God. I preach with the church of Christ Ikot Edung in Ibiono Ibom. ~ Sunday Charlie, Nigeria

Thank you very much for your regularly send articles. These are energetic food for your spiritual life. I read, and quote to prepare sermon to preach my congregation Sunday service. Blessings, Jay Ahti, Myanmar

Louis, Thanks for the recent copy of the 2022 paper.  I especially enjoyed T. Pierce Brown’s article.  He had a lot of good thing for every disciple to chew on.  Perfection is a hard piece of Gospel meat to chew on and even more difficult to swallow.  Yet, some claim that their “closeness” to perfection it better and makes them more faithful than where another disciple finds himself.  T. Pierce and I used to butt heads, which hopefully helped us both.  I don’t know if he wrote a “follow-up” article to that one, but if not, I wish he had.  A lot of good “meat” in that one to help brethren think.  Some will.  Some will not.  It took a while for some in Corinth to get it and according to Paul in 2 Cor.13, some were still chewing.  Again, thanks for printing his article.   He said it a lot better than I could. In Christ Jesus, Ray Hawk, USA

Brother Louis, Thanks so much for your good work in the Lord's kingdom! I appreciate your newsletters, Gospel Gazette, and all other work you are doing for the furtherance of the gospel. ~ Damon Vincent, USA

I received the Gospel Gazette for several year and greatly appreciate your excellent paper.  However, for some reason I have not received it recently. I have shared it with many India preachers who look forward to receiving it. Thank you. Your fellow servant, John R. Vaughan, USA


Dear Editor, Greeting to you my brother. This publication is always an encouragement. God keeps you all in the right track to always remind us of the need to be fully committed to God. This is a wake up call to holy and faithful living, loving God for His compassionate love for us. I enjoy the Editorial excellently. God blesses you all. In His Service, Moses Ogar

I appreciate the good work you have been rendering to me by sending gospel gazette. This time I wish to request for more of your publications to enhance my spiritual growth. Thanks and God bless, Andrew Alozie, India

Thank you, Sir. ~ CHILLA RAMU

I loved your lessons which are most valuable to me. And I learned the word of god make me brave to teach for my brothers. ~ Suhanth Kumar 

God bless you. I am greatful to your time. Remain blessed. ~ Gmbangura Bangura

Thanks and many blessings. ~ Nabeel Issa

Dear Brother Rushmore! Praise be to him! I am Allen from Tanzania studying wonderful materials from your website and use them in Teaching and Preaching the Scriptures. God bless your works! In Him, Allen Jm, Tanzania

Please,  keep on mailing me monthly Gospel Gazette online. May God bless  you. ~ Vincent Kibulo Mbewe, Malawi 

I realy love this, and helpful for the ministry, may God bless you. ~ Ahiman Nayak

Salute. ~ Prakash Anthoty, India

Greetings in Christ brethren. Thank you very much for sending me the August 2021 Gospel Gazette edition. In Christian love, Anil kumar Bobbili, India

Thank you for sharing.  Keep up the great work! Mark T. Tonkery, USA

Thanks you for free subscription may God bless you brother. ~ Chetty Nallamuthu, India
Thank you for all the good work you are doing and also for the Gospel Gazette. Hope this finds you and Martha doing well. God bless you. In Christian Love,

Thank you Brother for the Emagazine sent. Will circulate to all the WhatsApp group for all of us to grow. Pray for us also; we do pray for your work. With Love & Prayers and in His service, David Martin, India

I read most of the articles in the May issue and enjoyed reading them. Thank you to all the brethren involved in this work. God bless. ~ Dan Morris

Thanks for the Gazette sent. God bless. D.A. Adenugba, Nigeria

Good morning. This lesson is a really great and a telling one for the Church TODAY.
WE MUST of necessity Worship God on His terms and conditions. Regards, Neville Turton

Greeting brother. Thanking you for your website offer of free Voice of Truth book pdf. I am very glad to get your website. I am downloading pdf from here and reading. ~ Dilip Hembrom

Thank you for your email [announcing Gospel Gazette Online edition]. ~ Ahiman Nayak

I am using this medium to extend my sincere appreciation to the editor and Management of gospel gazette. I am really enjoy the materials and I am saying a big thanks for this good work of yours. May God continue to empower you and strengthen you, and His abundant blessings be with you and your family. Thanks. Yours faithfully, Sunday Taiwo 

God bless all of you. Pray for us here in Nigeria. ~ Nkerry Inyangnta, Nigeria

Thanks for using my articles in Gospel Gazette. ~ Cecil May, Jr., USA

Hope you guys are doing well. I respect what you do, trying to help people and spread good. ~ Drew Lankford

Well done with this issue as well as the others. The archive is also so valuable. God bless you and family. ~ Robert Rawson, USA

Brother Rushmore, Thank you for your encouraging words. Really, it is you who deserves the thanks. One of the difficult things about putting a bulletin together, is finding good, sound material. We do not have a secretary here. I spend a lot of time trying to make to bulletin visually appealing, but Biblically sound. Gospel Gazette helps so much! The articles you provide are sound, informative, and encouraging. We hear from many, that they enjoy our bulletin and use the articles to teach the lost, even in jail systems. Keep up the good work! R.C. Lupo, USA

Dear Brother Rushmore, You have no idea what your efforts at GGO mean to me. When I discovered GGO, I was very impressed with the materials which you were publishing. I so enjoyed the writings of Christian ministers. Among them are some of my personal friends, namely Jimmy Clark, Basil Overton, Mark Posey just to mention a few. These men among many others have been an inspiration in both my preaching and my writing. I have referred many of my friends to the GGO. Many of those have conveyed to me that articles which you have published for me have had a great effect on their lives. Had it not been for your efforts, I may have never submitted any of my writings to GGO. You have given me a platform or as it were a pulpit for me to send forth words of truth and encouragement to those who are seeking to find meaning in their lives in service to Christ. Now being 83 years of age, I will continue to use this pulpit to serve out my days in service to our dear Lord. For the joy that this work has brought me I thank you my dear friend. Yours truly in the Lord, Cliff Holmes

I have been reading your materials for the past fifteen (15) years, and through that, I have been able to locate the true church in the Bible. I now fellowship with the Bongo church of Christ in the upper east region of Ghana, west Africa. ~ Awine Felix Nnebire

 I am indeed grateful for the Gospel Gazette and the Voice of Truth International materials you have been sending promptly to me; keep them coming. Keep up the good work of the Lord, your reward is assured in Christ. ~ David Adenugba, Nigeria

Thank you. ~ Osman Magaso

Dear brother Rushmore, Thank you for the excellent job you do with the Gospel Gazette Online. It is a valuable teaching periodical that I share with many others, especially brethren in India. Best Wishes to you for a Happy and healthy 2021. Brotherly, John Vaughan

Warmest greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the article May God continue to bless you. ~ Romel Dazon

Thank you my Dear Brother for adding me into this ministry, you are not just going to improve me but to guide me and the entire family of God that I preach and teach daily. Even though downloading and printing of these materials is very high, I always write down some messages when printing money is not available. God keep blessing you and your family as you do His work. Happy New Year. ~ Innocent Ubi

Thank you for the great work for sending the lessons by email. God be with you always to continue this great work.
In the year of 2020, 97  Souls were added into the Body on Christ and 108 were restored within our area work. In His service, William Shonga, MALAWI

Thank you so much. Be blessed all the time. ~ Osman Magaso

Thank you for continuing to compile and send Gospel Gazette. I believe you gave a good answer to the question on tattoos. And I especially benefited from Mark McWhorter’s two articles on Lucifer. Very interesting. Hope you are healthy and well. Brotherly, John Allan

Thank you brother for November 2020 edition Gospel Gazette. ~ Bobbili anil kumar

Dear Brethren. Greetings to all. Its very very helpful in my Lord's T.V. Ministry on 3 channels every Sunday. Praying to extend your valuable endeavor. P. Dharma Swarup and dedicated co-preachers
Awesome. ~ Nigel Milo

Morning Brother. The September Gospel Gazette was received with gratitude. Well done. Keep the Gospel flag flying. Best regards to your family and the brethren yonder. ~ David Adenugba

I'm greatly humbled with the spiritual library. May God continue to bless you. ~ John Yorum Vwalika Mutable

Thank you Louis for your article about “Who Killed the Firstborn.” So often preachers just say, “The Death Angel,” because they have heard others say it even though it is not stated that way. You are correct. Blessings to you. ~ James Vinzant

Thank you Brother. ~ Philemon

Very great teaching. God bless. ~ Moses Ogar

Greeting to you, your family and to all who are feeding us with the Word of God through Gospel Gazette Online.  This your work in the Gazette are strong teachings and study materials to Mbanabo Mission.  It is also Material for evangelism because we use to print them out and send to people for their bible study. Thank you brother for this good work. Stay safe in Jesus Christ Protecting Grace. Your Brother, Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu

Dear brethren, Thank you for the GG sept 2020 edition. In Christian love, Anil kumar, Bobbili Church of Christ, Vissannapeta, India

I commend you for this great job. May God Continue to strengthen, empower you both physically and spiritually and his abundant blessings be with you and your entire family. In Jesus name, Taiwo Sunday

Thank you for receiving the Gospel Gazette online. ~ Kya Moo

Very good study courses. I liked them. ~ Ahiman Nayak 

Thank you. ~ Sue Wilson

Thank you so much brother. May God bless you and your ministry! ~ Sridhar Solomon

Thank you for these spirit filled sermons. I sincerely appreciate this gift  with all my heart. I pray that the almighty God will continue to provide you with all  the strength, knowledge, wisdom and all the necessary resources to further this course. I always look forward to feed on this spiritual nutritious food. God richly bless you. ~ Asamoah Emmanuel

Thank you all team gospelgazette.com. May the Lord continue to strengthen and guide you  for spreading the truth. ~ Richmond Adjei

Thank you brother. I am daily in prayer for you and your Gospel work. Thank you, your brother in Christ, Butchiraju Budagala

Great. ~ Moses Ogar

It is a special honour to have this big and smart library. Im furnished with my Biweekly TV preaching and Wednesdays and Sundays Bible Classes. ~ John Yorum Vwalika Mutable

Louis, In the current GAZETTE I appreciated especially your article and one other on race, and the article on "solemnized pronouns." Very good ~ Philip Slate

Dear Bro. L.R., I have seen your article in the current V.O.T.I - Vol.102. That's beautiful, appropriate and good lesson. I have always stressed those points you enumerated. But members don't care. They think church membership is not important & they can be freelance members, roaming all over. I don't think anybody attempted to write about the phrase "Placing membership" so far among our brotherhood. You did it. Congratulations! …May God richly bless you and reward your efforts. Yours in Him, P.R. Swamy.

Dear brother, Greetings in Christ. Thank you very much for the July 2020 edition. With best regards, Anil kumar, Bobbili Church of Christ, Vissannapeta, South India.

Great lessons you are sending me. ~ John Yorum Vwalika Mutable

Hello my Brother,  My name is Richmond Adjei and a member of Takoradi Central Church of Christ. It's been helpful reading Gospel Gazette. I take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the wonderful work over the years. May the Lord bless you all for spreading the Kingdom news. Thank you. Richmond. 

Very good. ~ Moses Ogat

Dear Louis, Greetings to you in The Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for the newsletter. Had posted it to all the contacts in India. God Bless your works. Do Pray for us. With Love & Prayers, In His Service, David Martin 

I greatly appreciate you for sending both April and May Gospel Gazette editions promptly. The articles are well written. Well-done! I have downloaded TVOTI Vol. 104. Before the week runs out, I will start reading. ~ David Adenugba

Hi, brother Rushmore. I'm excited about this issue in Gospel Gazette. ~ Isaac Owunne

I appreciate your effort in providing such good spiritual material,  that prayerfully is a blessing in helping others to grow and mature in their faith in Christ. Keep up the good work. God bless. ~ Robert Johnson

Fantastic. Very exciting and encouraging. ~ Moses Ogar

Thanks so much for ur always concern. Appreciated. ~ Sahr Emanuel Yambusu

Received with thanks. ~ Etiene Udofot
Sam Osemobor ~ Sam Osemobor

Very good teaching on how to develop the characters of Jesus Christ in dealing with crises. ~ Moses Ogar.

Thank you, Louis!  We deeply appreciate all your work! ~ Andy Robison

Great, thank you so much! ~ Harry E. Flanagan

Dear Brother Louis, Thank you so much for your comprehensive, scriptural and easy to understand answers. They are most reassuring to me. In Christ, Mitchel Potter

Dear brother Louis, Greetings in our Lord. Thanks for sending me the lessons online. Keep up your good work. I also have enjoyed and benefited from your lessons appearing in Voice of Truth International.  God bless you.  Love,  Paulraj.

I have been who I am because of your writings on Gospel Gazette. ~ John Vwalika, Zambia
Thank you very much for the October 2019 edition of Gospel Gazette brother. In Christian love, Anil kumar Bobbili, Church of Christ Vissannapeta, Andhra pradesh, South India

Dear Brother, Greetings from Malawi, Central Africa. I acknowledge the receipt of the Gospel Gazette Online lessons which are very powerful. I use them to teach and preach to masses of people. God bless you.  In His service, Duncan Henry Sisya

Thank you for sending Gospel Gazette Online. May God's grace be with you ever ~ Sengol Rayan

Thank you for using one of my articles. And many good ones from others too. ~ Cecil May, Jr.

Thank you very much for the article. Please continue to pray for the tribal brethren Saints in the mountain area. Please continue to pray for the work in the vineyard of Christ in the mountain. ~ Romel Dazon 

Thanks dear brother, for the information. God bless you and the good work you do for the kingdom. ~ Robert Johnson

Thank you very much for posting the Gospel Gazette of April 2020. In his services, Anil kumar Bobbili, Church of Christ Vissannapeta, South India

I write to appreciate you for the good spiritual job you are doing. May the good Lord strengthen you the more. ~ Oluwatobi Oliyide

Thank you for the April 2020 edition of Gazette. ~ Kya Moo

Wow. You guys sure stay busy. All the best. ~ Drew Lankford

Thanks Louis. ~ Ronald Ray

Very good teaching. ~ Moses Ogar

Brethren, with joyful heart we received all the e-mail Gospel messages sent to us, and still expect to have more. Thanks, and God bless You. Vincent A.Okeke, Nigeria

God bless you for the work; you are doing a very good job. ~ Samson Thukuta
I wish to thank you for sending the March edition of the Gospel Gazette to me. God bless. Do have a delightful weekend. ~ D.A. Adenugba

Thank you very much brother. ~ Varikuti Nagabhushanam

Thank you so much my brother and sister. ~ Ronald Thompson

Dear Brethren, Thanks for sending good lessons by email. God be with you always. In Christ's service, William Shonga

Haven’t said it in a while. Thanks for all you do.  ~ Mark McWhorter

Beautiful editorial. Lengthy but very good. It is very inspiring. ~ Moses Ogar

I am so much delighted and impressed with Rodney Nuph's article. ~ Chigbu Jesse

We get a lot of compliments regarding the articles we publish. It is good to have sound resources from which to draw the articles and the articles themselves. Thank you. Robert Lupo

God bless you. ~ Samson Thukuta

Thank you for sharing all your valuable lessons which is great help for my ministry in K.G.F India. Love through Jesus, John Prem Kumar

I remain grateful for the received articles. ~ Molokwu Emeka

Thank you sir. ~ Ramu Chilla

Thanks for your always great effort & concern. Appreciated. ~ Sahr Emmanuel Yambusu

Thank you. ~ Roland Mohsen

Thank you brother for more clarification. In His service, Kennedy Odongo

Thank you very much. ~ Peter Mabeche

I use this medium to appreciate you all, for this good work. ~ Taiwo Sunday