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I still remember the last time you linked me to this site, the quantum of resources available and the in-depth knowledge is immeasurable, thanks to the authors, I visit the site from time to whenever I need to make reference to church doctrine and topics that sounds so controversial. Thanks bro...! ~ Abraham Katsekpor
I like it so much....it's so informative... keep up the good work...God bless you. ~ Okurut Festus
Dear Gospel Gazette family, Thank you very much for sending the Gospel Gazette monthly. It is a prized resource with a variety of spiritual uses. Here is how I use Gospel Gazette:
  • I use the archives as a resource tool because it touches on a variety of topics and is a rich reservoir for right thinking.
  • I use the articles that are 4 to 6 major points in a Scripture, Song, Prayer format for a Sunday evening (once a month) group participation (see attachment)
  • I use it to see what others are saying about familiar, unfamiliar, and newly arisen topics to enhance my awareness base.
  • I use it for pleasure in reading about topics that appeal to me at the moment (I look forward to what will come).
  • I use it to see who is writing and what they are writing about. I might want to check out others works the authors have written.
  • I use it because it has long and short articles. I like to read the short ones for a “quick burst of what’s what” and the longer ones for “meaty thinking.”
  • I use it because I have grown to appreciate the biblical integrity of the “Rushmore presentation and editing.”
  • I use it because I like a resource that I can recommend to others for spiritual information (encouragement, considerations, exhortations).
  • I use it because some great illustrations can be found that help to enhance understanding and presentation of the Word of God.
  • I use it for ideas in sermon or class topics (in whole or in part).
  • I use it because “some of my best thinking comes from other people.”
  • I use it because I like to “milk lots of cows” and “churn my own butter.”

Thank you again, very much. Sincerely, Herb Carnagey

What an encouragement to know that so many people are using the Gospel Gazette. Count me among that number. I have appreciated your great work for decades. ~ Ken Gardner
Thank you so much for all your kindness,continued support and encouragement through your edifying and helpful articles. I am most grateful to you & I really love and value the sound Biblically sound articles on covering family and Christian life, relationships in a godly way that I have come across. Thank you so much for being a continued blessing to me. May the good Lord continue to bless you all. ~ Timothy Temilola
Thank you very much brother. ~ Varikuti Nagabhushanam
Dear Brother, I thank you sincerely for the working materials support you are giving to this mission, for the Lord’s work in this part of the world. I hope this email reach you well in health and as you work hard in the Lord’s work of reaching the world with the gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you brother for the books, tracts, song books, monthly gospel gazette, you are sending to me for the lord’s work here. This material has helped us here in this work as we share them to believers and to none believers here. I print out each time these books and the monthly gazettes from the office computer and share them out to people who have interest to study the Bible with us at the Biblical Learning Centre Ihe Town. Other churches of Christ in Enugu State, Anambra State and Kogi State where we have our church are collecting materials from me. Brother, this email is not enough to thank you for this great work; you are doing for us here. Thanks brother, our prayer also is that God reward you high for the good work. Your brother in Christ, Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu
Very great. This is substantial encouragement to keep trust in the Heavenly Father who cares. ~ Moses Ogar
I wish to thank you for taking the time to truly send me this information. It has been a blessing to continously study the lessons supplied. Yours Respectfully, Euclid Flemming
Good instructions. ~ Moses Ogar
Thank you.  I pray for you both in your endeavors. ~ mikelainehogan
I am from Central Africa, MALAWI. I here by appreciate the good work you are busy with. ~ Samson Thukuta
I would like to have your permission to use your treatise on “The Second Death with our World Bible School Program. It is succinct and so understandable. You will of course be acknowledged as the author. Thank you, Ken Heflin, West Olive Church of Christ, Peoria, AZ
Thanks brethren to help me the materials of teachings. God bless you brethren. ~ Peter Mabeche
Louis, great article. Thanks. ~ Larry Fleming
Thank you so much may God bless you. ~ Peter Mabeche
Thanks. ~ Daniel Oluwagbemiga Ejigbemiro
Thank you my brother. Praying for you guys keep pressing toward your goal. ~ Ronald Thompson
Many thanks for all your Christian love and edifying articles to build up my faith. ~ Timothy Temilola
I thought your article 'Spray Paint'  was unique and to the point of the importance of God's teaching about modesty. Thanks, bro. Louis. ~ Robert Rawson
Beloved Brother Sunny David , You tightly apply Proverbs 28:9 to answer John 9:31. I really appreciate your lesson. God bless your work. ~ Joseph Ezenweze
This is amazing that I have first experience to read Gopel Gazette Online. ~ Kya Moo
Thank you. Lord bless you. ~ Rai Vipul
Thanks for online monthly articles postings to me. Almighty God bless you. Amen. ~ Molokwu Emeka Izuka  (elder).
Thanks so much for the information. ~ Samuel Singh
Dear Elderly Beloved Brethren In Christ Jesus, I greet you in the name of the Lord, I wish to express my much appreciation to you for the wonderful and great work you have done to the higher implications and contribution to the Church of Christ and GOD Kingdom as a whole, all I want to say is May the good Lord mercifully continue to bless you ,your family and the entire ministry. Live long and more blessed. Augustine Antwi Yeboah, preacher. Achimota college Church of Christ, Accra, Ghana.
Thanks. God bless you. In Jesus name. Amen. ~ Jeff Udi
Hello Gospel gazette team, I highly appreciate the enormous efforts in preparation. Its my prayer to provide a token in future as a support. Thank you, may God bless every one true church member. ~ Richmond Adjei
Thank you sir for the wonderful and much useful lessons.may God bless you abundantly is our pleading for yours services.with christine love and salutes. yours brother in christ and HIS servant. ~ T. Henry Paul, preacher. Podili COC, India
Thanks so much dear 4 your always concern & caring; Appreciated. ~ Sahr Yambasu
Dear Brethren, Thank you for sending the February 2019 Edition of Gospel Gazette. Keep it up the great work. In His service, WILLIAM SHONGA, CHIKANGAWA, MZIMBA, MALAWI
Great brother. Really appreciate your time and effort in helping all to see the understanding of the Psalm. ~ Samuel Singh
Just found web sight. Appreciated the info. on it. How wonderful and insightful it is. Thank you. ~ Kathleen Johnson
Dear editor, kindly continue emailing the gospel gazzette publication. ~ Leonard Sapalao
Thank you for your great work in the Lord. ~ Molokwu Emeka
Good to see the Jan. issue. topics. About 10 years ago the Gospel Advocate carried an article I wrote on pre-denominational. I hope this is catching on among the churches of Christ not only as a catch word, but in practice. Been using most of my time getting a book ready for printing. Thanks for your good work. God's care, Owen Olbricht
May Almighty God prosper your good works you are doing in His kingdom in Jesus's name Amen. ~ Molokwu Emeka
Thank you very much for the GG November edition brethren.love in Christ. ~ Bobbili Anil Kumar
Thank you sir, salutes to all saints with you there ,for regular mailing of Gospel Gzette.very useful sermons for trainee preachers. Yours brother in Christ and HIS servant. ~ T. Henry Paul, Podili church of Christ, India.
Thanks. ~ Daniel Oluwagbemiga Ejigbemiro
Beloved, God  bless  your  work. ~ Joseph Ezenweze 
Thanks beloved brother for this great work, giving some of us in depth study and applications of God 's word God bless you. ~ Molokwu Emeka
Beloved, your  lessons  on baptism and the Law  of  Moses given  were  well  written. God  bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze. 
Thanks a lot. I am well Spiritually natures from  Gospel Gazette online. You are spending a lot to see to it that we are able to share God's Word to each person, Bible Study in a special way. God bless you. I joined a Bible School and will be graduating on 24th November 2018. We give all the glory back to our God this far He has brought us. Thanks. ~ Ronald Jumba
Beloved, God bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze 
Brethren, the  two  lessons  are  great. I appreciate  them.  God  bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze 
Always enjoy reading it and thanks for using my articles from time to time. ~ Dean Kelly
Good morning, received [Gospel Gazette]. Thanks very much. ~ Euclid Flemming
Thank you, brother. God bless. ~ Femelyne Majaw
I'm so grateful. Thank you. ~ Daniel K. Opoku
Thanks so much. ~ Samuel Singh
Thanks so much my dear for your always concern. May our good God always continue blessing you, your family & ministry. Yours in Him. ~ Sahr Yambasu
Dear Louis, Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! I’m very grateful for your website and I hope it continues to be a source of edification for Christ’s body and the world outside. God bless, Michaela Williams
You are right brother, it is not you alone that has the feelings as to whether your gospel Gazette contributions are making a significant impact. At times i do have the same feelings, i have laboured much in evangelism and leadership development, i always ask myself, has the work that i have done in the Lord produced lasting results? At times i may feel like i have done nothing that will be of note before HIM on that great day. Sometimes no one can appreciate these labors. However what makes me strong is (1) 1st cor 15:58 which reminds me that our labors in the Lord aren't in vain (2) no work that i do can save me, they are just a testimony bearing witness of JESUS CHRIST who is the author and finisher of our faith. ~ Paul Likata
Louis, This is super. Please add me to the mailing list. ~ Gary Wyder     
Really appreciate the reading and studying material. Looking forward to having more as possible. ~ Samuel Singh
Thanks. Received [Gospel Gazette]. ~ Euclid Flemming
Brethren: Rushmore and Rodney, Your lessons are great. Rushmore you reasoned well to "put it down" if reading lessons written by woman make one sin. Rodney: Many times I have been discouraged in life. Your lesson has encouraged me so much in understanding why I am discouraged. God bless all the readers and bless you all. Thank you for the good articles. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze
Thank you for sending and keeping me updated with the gospel gazette online. God bless you and may you continue to work for the Lord. ~ Femelyne Majaw
Thank you very much for the magazine. ~ Bobbili Anil Kumar
Beloved Brethren, The lessons on "Choice" and "Second Chance" are timely. It will help readers make good decisions in life and follow God. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze
Great. Hope to just learned from your wisdom. ~ Samuel Singh
I am sincerely grateful for being subscribed to the Gospel Gazette Online. May you prosper in the Lord's service. God bless. ~ Femelyne Majaw
I'm much grateful to you for your much support so far. I've learnt a lot from you and I know it'll go a long way to helps build God's church. ~ Daniel K. Opoku
Dear Brothers your lessons are nice and encouraging. God bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze
Thank you for the Gospel gazette of March edition. ~ Bobbili Anil Kumar
Dear brother, Thank you very much for the article May God bless you. ~ Rommel Dazon
Beloved, all the editorials are wonderful. God bless you all for the inspiring lessons. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze
Hello my dear spiritual father in Christ Jesus. Thanks very much for the nice teachings. Am so happy with the teachings. Please keep up mailing me. God bless you. Yours lovely son in Christ Jesus, Vincent K. Mbewe, Malawi, Central Africa
Beloved, I love the lessons on Saten and what it leads to. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze 
Brethren, Trinity the twisting of it, the lesson is wonderful. Baldness lesson is very encouraging. We thank God for all the lessons. Trinity twisting is like prayers some pray, when giving thanks for the food on the table , the prayer end up "we worship you." One wonder how we can worship God when we are eating food on the table. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze
I am grateful for your honoring my subscription into this resource. Thank you so much and God bless you. May this be useful for me to serve others - preaching the word. In Christian Love, Moses Ogar.
Thanks brethren for that great work your doing these lessons help me a lot. Am Festus Okurut in Uganda. Greetings to all your team whose effort enable us to have this.
Great. Thanks very much for your always concern. God bless. ~ Sahr Emmanuel Yambasu
Thanks for another great year of the Gospel Gazette. I appreciate all that you do. ~ Mark McWhorter
Thank you Louis for the encouragement. It is an honor to write for your good online magazine, and I promote it both in my work here, and everywhere I go to preach or teach. Thank you for the good work you do, not only in this, and the Voice of Truth, but your efforts around the globe. I am blessed having you as a friend and a brother in Christ. God bless. In all we do, we do to the glory of God, and praise Him that we can reach others near and far. ~ Robert Johnson
Love your work keep this coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because He Lives!!! ~ Dean M. Roach
Brethren, your lesson on Church membership is an enlightment. Bro. Nulph, It is difficult for the atheist to know (gnorizo) that God does not exist (God of the Bible).
God bless your readers for the lesson. ~ Joseph Ezenweze
I'm very much happy with your writings. Keep up. I want to follow your websites.
May the Lord Christ Jesus bless you and your family.~ Joseph Jacob
Thank you for all you do in the kingdom. Greatly appreciate all the articles, but especially your article about the baptism of the apostles. This question has arisen many times in the course of Bible study, but I have never seen it explained quite as well and as thorough as your explanation in this edition of the Gospel Gazette. May the Lord be with you in all that you do in His name. Agape. ~ Loy Pressley
Beloved, my  God  is  real  and  Friendship  lessons  are  wonderful. God  bless. ~ Joseph  Ezenweze 
Beloved, thanks  for  the  November  edition  that  came. God  bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze 
Dear brother Louis Rushmore! Greetings in Christ Jesus Name! Here I give thanks to you! I'm glad to have study in  your website!!‎ Keep good works for His Kingdom brother! Lord bless you! ~ Prabakaran Selvaraj
Beloved, thank you for the September 2017 posting. God bless. ~ Joseph Ezenweze
Thanks for the mail you sent to me. I appreciate your good work in propagating the gospel of Christ. Remain blessed in Jesus Name. ~ Andrew Alozie
Beloved, the lessons on ugly arrogant is wonderful. I have been reading them from the Bible but never had more knowledge from them like I had now. God bless the teachers. God bless, Joseph Ezenweze
Thank THE Almighty God that I come in contact with you.I am an evangelist , live Liberia west Africa. ~ Darius Stepney
Thanks so much for the beautiful article on AD 70 theory. ~ Elias Munthali
I absolutely enjoy your emails containing the Gospel Gazette and am always looking forward to them showing up in my in-box! Thank you for the work you all do! I especially have enjoyed the articles this time on elders and their roles. In Christ, Jennifer S Baker
Thanks Louis. I really appreciate getting to know when someone uses an article I have written. May God bless your good work in His kingdom. I hope you and your sweet wife are able to labor many years in the kingdom of God. ~ Robert Johnson
Hello to you brother,thanks for the Lord`s work. ~ Mbusa Benard
Louis, Thank you for another good edition of Gospel Gazette Online. You are doing the brotherhood a great (and often underappreciated) service. ~ John Allan
Brethren, thank you. ~ Vincent A. Okeke.
I am sure it is good and helpful; thank you for the current and for the years of  archives. God Bless you. ~ Robert D. Rawson
Dear Brother Rushmore, I want to pass a “heartfelt” thank you to everyone at the Gazette – you and your entire staff. The monthly gospel-gazette newsletter is always filled with scriptural, uplifting articles and reads. I look forward to reading the articles and studying the material. May God continue to bless you and the work you have embarked upon! ~ Philip W. Lopes, Jr.
Thank you, bro. I will teach a lesson based on your editoral. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
Very good points, brother! I find that some want to branch out to worship Jesus also, but in the NT, the pattern I see is that no one worshipped Jesus (including the angels) unless he was present with them, or, as Stephen, were in a vision. We are commanded (as you know) not to lean to our own understanding, but some use their own reasoning rather than God's authority. I appreciate your insistence that we do nothing on our own authority (Jn 5:19), but what we see the Father do. ~ Dennis Johnson
Thank you brethren. Happy new year to you. ~ Leonard Tembo
Thank you for the work you do! ~ Amy Beatty
Thank you for the article, to sent it to me, he will share unto the tribal preachers to work in the Lord's Vineyard in the mountain, please we continue to pray for the Lord's work in the Tribal area. ~ Romel Dazon
I greatly appreciate what you have been sending to me.May the good Lord bless you. ~ Inoussa Adjayi
I was introduced by a friend to an article in this Gospel Gazette and find it very helpful to my spiritual awareness. Appreciate if you would kindly add me to your mailing list for the above. Thank you, Richard Leow
Brother Louis, Excellent explanation and tremendous reasoning. ~ Mark Parks
Thanks brother. God bless. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
I enjoy your articles very much. And good sound preaching. Just read your article on "Worship." Very good! ~ Mack Moore
Thank you for making available your article about Christ our Mediator, Intercessor and Advocate.  This article is exactly the resource I needed to help me clarify these roles in the Bible Study for next Wednesday evening. ~ Renee Tuning, DuBois PA
Thank you!!!!! Iam Rodney Nulph's sister, and I enjoy the Gospel Gazette!!! ~ Paula Bowersox
God bless you so much for telling people the truth and not what they want to hear. The idea of working on one's own Salvation without focusing on God's role is an excellent one that I will be applying henceforth. Thank you so much for establishment your website. ~ Harriet A.
Hello Brother, Greetings in God's precious name. It is with a heavy heart as I write to you, something that I should have done as soon as I have received this Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Please forgive me. I want to thank you and the sponsors for such a wonderful gift. It will be used for the glory of God. I thank you for your love in Christ for the brethren, and may God continue to bless you bountifully as you continue working in His vineyard. His servant, Vernon James, Guyana, South America
Thanks so much Louis. I really appreciate the Gospel Gazette so much, and the good work you do for the kingdom. It's so good for all of us faithful brethren to rely on each other for getting the truth out to others. You play such an important in that. Thanks so much. God bless. ~ Robert Johnson
Thanks very much, Brother. ~ Varikuti Nagabhushanam
Thank you very much for your thoughts. As always I am thankful for your efforts, your work. ~ Jack Phillips
Louis, Thank you brother for better explaining my question. I do appreciate you love for the Lord. ~ Darrell Pratt
Dear Bro. Louis Rushmore, It is a simple truth that you do not know me,or heard anything about me before;but as one member in the body of Christ, makes to be the same. I am evangelist Gabriel S. Tarplah, pulpit Minister of the Point Church of Christ. Bro. Washington and I are presently managing a brotherhood newspaper called Liberia Gospel Times- a work that is dedicated to promoting the work of the church of Christ Mission in Liberia. We were privilege to go through your work through Bro.Barry, and are left with no option but to kindly request your permission to publish some of your work in our quarterly publication and at the same request your understanding for partnership with Gospel Gazette in helping us with the task we have on hand. I presently serving as publisher; while Bro. Washington is serving as news editor.We are from two separate congregations. Bro. Washington is an associate Minister from the West point Church of Christ; while reporters we have recruited are from local churches Christ in Liberia. We have interest in forging a partnership with you. The work we do( Liberia Gospel Times) is sponsored by the Madison Church of Christ. ~ Gabriel S. Tarplah
Thank you, Brother. ~ Jo-Anne Adolfo
Thank you for the good work you are doing. I find your site interesting and therefore wish to be reminded anytime GGO is available. God bless you. ~ Clement Markus, Nigeria.
Hello my dear, thanks very much for your always concern of sending me these Updates. I really appreciate that great effort. God bless you. ~ Sahr Yambasu
Thanks for the lessons bro, God bless. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
Particularly enjoyed the details of the Aug issue in which AD70 ideas were studied objectively. Thank you. ~ Robert D. Rawson
Thanks Brother. Hope all is well with you. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
Thank you for the great work you are doing for the Lord's church. ~ Cliff Holmes
Thanks very much for your always concern. Appreciated. ~ Sahr Emmanuel Yambasu
Brother Louis, Thank you  so much for the article. ~ Rommel Dazon
Thank you for sending the newest edition of GGO.To God be the Glory!!!!! ~ Ricardo Montilla Jr.
Hello brother Louis, It is good to hear from you. I do appreciate you using my article. …I want you to know that I have often thought of you since you lost your beloved wife and co-worker in the kingdom of our Lord. You were truly blessed to have her for so many years. I have always appreciated the work you have done over the years. …May God continue to bless you and your labors of love in His kingdom. Your friend and brother in Jesus Christ, Raymond Elliott
Thank you editor for the gospel, May God will bless you all, please we pray for the work. ~ Romel Dazon
Excellent article on Rom. 7:13-25 by brother Elliott. As he raises, how can it be that this section is describing a life in Christ? It is mis-taught by too many in the church that this describes Paul’s life in Christ. All too often, it is then mistakenly suggested from this passage that it’s “okay” to have these persistent spiritual struggles, "after all, even the apostle Paul had these struggles as a Christian.” Thanks for your good work. Larry Kee, Fayetteville, TN
Thanks very much. ~ Sahr Yambasu
Such a good issue; thank you for the labor of everyone on the team to put out teaching of the Lord like this. Thank you , again. ~ Robert D. Rawson
Thank you very much for the article, please we continue to pray for the tribal work here. Yours in Christ, Rommel Dazon, Purok Tribal Church of Christ, General Santos City, Philippines
Sir, thanks you very much for the wonderful lesson. It accurately answered my question and I am very satisfied. God bless you all according to his riches and glory. Amen. ~ Oyeye Stanley, Benin City, Nigeria.
Wonderful archives. Thank you so much as the heritage left us from sister Bonnie goes on and on. God bless every effort via Gospel Gazzette. ~ Rober D. Rawson
Thanks. ~ Osman Magaso
Dear Dr. Louis Rushmore,  Evangelist: Many thanks for your quick comments on my questions. Sincerely yours,  Makoto WATANABE
Dear Sir, The GGO ran a recycled story called the Pain of Adultery by Mr. Alan Cole.  I have often read it over the past several years and wanted to thank him for his views and his article. Thank you, H. Alan Hoover
When I received the electronic link to the Gospel Gazette yesterday I thought of them and sent them the link, and suggested to them that you might be willing to allow them to re-publish some of your work. I told them they needed your permission before doing so, and that is the effort exhibited below. Blessings, Barry Smith
Good morning to the team. May God keep blessing your activity. In Him alone, Xavier Nkembe
You are a great servant. Thanks for being you & doing what you do so well. God bless you and be safe as you come home. ~ Wille Hamblen
Thanks a lot for the teaching you offer on line , they are of much help for us as we study and also teach others. ~ James Nyandika
Dear servant, It is a pleasure to let you know that I have been to your website and have been so much attracted to learn more for our spiritual growth here. Indeed it is good work done and you are going to be a blessing to many who have not seen the light especially here in Kenya and other parts of the world. ~ Geoffrey Nyaboga
Thanks brother. Keep up the good work. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
Hello brother,thank you so much for sending the feb. edition of GGO.May the good Lord bless us always. ~ Salvador Montilla
I would surely like to thank your for the free subscription to the Gospel Gazette. ~ Donald G. Kline
Your efforts in Guyana have benefited me greatly. Thanks for all the articles. I think that your vision for Guyana is spot on. We love and appreciate you too. ~ Michael Hooper
I do hope the Gazette is still being publish.I did not get the Jan. or Feb. addition as of yet. There are always some very good lessons to read. Thank you so much for the  ones I have gotten, they have been great. ~ Donnie Townsley God Bless you all.
Friends: See the 1 Jan 2016 edition of the Gospel Gazette. You will always find excellent articles. ~ Don Fox
I thank you very much brother Louis Rushmore for the prompt and excellent way you attended to my request (Did God create Evil?). I write to inform you that I am very satisfied with the lesson you send to me (Did God create Evil?), in fact if i have mouths all over my body it will not be enough for me to thank you, let God take all the glory while…Oyeye stanley, Benin City, Nigeria
Thank you for the article. ~ David Potter
Please enroll in a free subscription to Gospel Gazette Online. I have always yearn for opportunities like this to learn more about the truth. ~ DOMINIC NDABIAH KOFIE
I thank you very much brother Louis Rushmore for the wonderful and skillful way you treated this lesson. I am even more grateful for the others of your December lessons (Did God create Evil, The Origin of Evil), in fact, we in Nigeria are so proud of you guys in America, may God continue to bless you and your team with more of his wisdom and knowledge in Christ’s name. Amen. ~ Oyeye stanley, Benin City, Nigeria
Thank you brother Rushmore for sending the newest edition of Gospel Gazette Online. May the Good Lord bless you more than we expect.To God be the Glory. ~ Ricardo Montilla Jr.
Excellent article. So many of us today are more interested in our own little lives and works than in seeing the big picture and the beauty of God's work. If we do take the time to study and find the works of God in scripture, and see his purpose, plan, and care, it translates to a great source of comfort when we note the growing unrest in the world around us. I also notice the ending of the familiar verse Romans 8:28, and wonder if I (like Christ and Paul and those in Hebrews 11, etc) am truly called according to HIS purpose, or just going about my own life and purpose thinking I'm fitting God's too. Good thought provoking article. Thank you! ~ Ferah Glott
Thank you My Brother for the article. May God will bless all the saints there. Yours in Christ, Romel Dazon
Thank you brother. Keep serving our Lord Jesus. ~ Michael Hooper, Guyana, South America
Thanks very much. God bless you. ~ Sahr Yambasu
Respected Editor Brother, Great blessings enjoyed in reading about thanksgiving. God of heaven bless. ~ Philemon Raja
Thank you so much for always thinking of me. God bless you, your ministry and family. Yours in His Vine-Yard, Sahr E. Yambasu
Thank you my dear brethren for your lovely concern. We are much blessed by your resources. …May God bless you for the great work. Thank you. Keep on doing the good work. Yours in Christ, Partson Maambirwi, Nyanyadzi Church of Christ
We thank you very much for the interest you gave to me. We appreciate all you did and will be doing for me for sending me this study materials from the gospel gazette. Thanks and may the good Lord keep on blessing you all. Amen. ~ Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu
Hello bro.Rushmore,thank you for sending the 2015 issue of GGO,it will help a lot in my ministry.Thank you also for the reply about the topic i asked for you to answer which is the issue regarding restoration movement. Keep up the good brother Rushmore.To God be the Glory. ~ Salvador Montilla
Your lessons are very, very encouraging and beneficial to me and others. God bless you and your coworkers. Yours in Christ, Nkereuwem Sunday, Akpan church of Christ, NIGERIA
I study your lessons throuh Gospel Gazzete online. Your lesson are use full in my teachings & preaching. Thanks alot. ~ Prasanthkumar, India
Brethern, Yes we received all the Christian gospel Messages-sent-to us through our E-mail Box. PLs,-Continue sending. ~ Vincent A. Okeke, Nigeria
I really value and appreciate all that you share with me. I found the Gospel Gazette -all edifying and instructive. Please keep it coming. ~ Femi Temilola, Nigeria
Good morning brother Rushmore. I enjoyed so much reading from the articles you have sent. Please continue sending more from Gospel Gazette Online. May the good Lord always shower his blessing to you and your mission in the kingdom of our Lord. ~ Salvador Montilla
The Gospel Gazette magazines are so powerful and encouraging. We are using these materials during our Bible studies. Sorry to hear of  the death of our sister Bonnie Sue. Keep up your good works. ~ Charles Phiri
Dear beloved in Christ, I am very shocked to hear that your wife Bonnie Sue Rushmore is with the Lord. It is very sad, but to her it is a blessing, may God's will be done, and His name be glorified, Amen. I am very much interested indeed to be on Gospel Gazette Online, please put me in. Yours in Christ, Evance Nauliya
Thank you for your powerful message. I am always blessed with what you send me on the e-mail. ~ CHAGUNYUKA MSISKA, MALAWI
Dear Br. Rushmore, Thanks for the good work that you do. ~ Randolph Oran Gonce
I think you were right on in your answer. I have worked with the brethren in the Brong Ahafo Regi on of Ghana for the past 20 years. There hasn't been a white preacher, that I know of during these years, but previously some had come to the region. We are very careful to learn the situation of marriage before baptism. The African brethren can do this so much better than I can. It is true that families will accept their children living together, but won't accept marriage without a dowry. Often we have couples like this, with several children, respond to the gospel. The brethren will ascertain if they would like to be married and if they have a scriptural right, and if the dowry is the only reason they aren't. If this is true, and they want to be married, the brethren will help the man buy the few goats,etc. to satisfy the girl's parents. We don't baptize a person that has more than one wife until he takes care of the situation. Some American evangelist have been known to baptize them before and workout the problem after baptism. The African brethren say that this never works out-course it won't. I appreciate the work you do and the good articles. I live in Tupelo, MS. For 25 years I preached for the Gloster Street congregation. I'm now retired from full time preaching. Sincerely,  Joe Connell
Dear brother Louis Rushmore, It's a great privilege to express my thanksgiving and loving wishes to you and to your wife and beloved sister in Christ. Brother, I'm receiving your gazette regularly and it's one of best that I ever know. The lessons you are giving are simply outstanding and nurturing our Spiritual inner-being. Thank you so much. Yours In His Service, Raja Vijay Kumar Vundurthi
Louis, Thank you for your continued diligence with the Gospel Gazette Online. ~ John Allan
Thanks for all the good work you do. Hope things are as well as possible with you and your wife. ~ Mark McWhorter
Brother Rushmore, I appreciate so much, the work you two do. ~ Robert C. Lupo
May God bless your entire work. ~ Michael Boy
Thank you for all your articles. ~ Bob Gaffin
The latest issue is so practical and scriptural. Thank you all for your editorship. ~ Robert D. Rawson
Thank you. ~ K. Haddad
Dear brother Rushmore, I want to thank you for your article. Sincerely in the love of Jesus, Kerry L. Sword
I enjoy and appreciate the Gazette. Sincerely, Joe Connell
I am grateful for your expedite efforts on reaching me with your materials. ~ Andrew Alozie